Funny Things

So last Friday I was taking Belle to school without the other kids because Jeff was home. While it sounds like a treat to have a little Mommy/Belle time, she’s like me and thinks the more the merrier. She really wanted to have everyone come to pick her up but was afraid I might forget. I’ve been trying to teach her that everyone (Mommy, Daddy, Little Bear, and even Belle) will make mistakes. I guess she’s taken that to mean Mommy can’t remember anything…So here were her adorable words of wisdom for me:”To remember something you just keep it in your mind. Rub your head and it will be there. It takes a minute so just wait and it will fly in there. And if you forget, just rub your head and it will come back into your mind again.”I smiled to myself as I followed her directions remembering how I would fake write things on my hand and then smack myself on the head to try to remember things. After I dropped her off I pulled aside and quickly jotted down this conversation on a receipt in my wallet because I knew I would never remember her exact words!! Unfortunately Little Bear was acting especially tired that day and asked to go down for his nap before 11. I let him since J was home and could stay with him when I went to pick her up. She was a little disappointed but handled it well.


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