Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow things have been really crazy around here! All 3 kids (and J) have had a cold that does not want to go away. Belle is 11 days in while Bear and Lamb are 9 days in. I took little Bear to the doctor today to check his ears before we head out of town. It’s not quite infected yet, but redder than it was last week at his pre-cold 2 yr check-up. The doc went ahead and gave me a prescription for yet another antibiotic since Christmas is just around the corner. We’re flying to TX tomorrow and I really hope his ears don’t give him too much trouble.100_2472.jpgOn another note I’ve finished almost all of my Christmas projects. We still need to roll out our sugar cookies for Santa and I have a little work to do on the grandparent gifts. We will celebrate our Christmas tomorrow morning and then again with my family in TX and then again with J’s parents once we get back. Our kids are blessed with very generous family which relieves some of the stress off of us to get the perfect presents.Here are some pictures of our trip to DC. The tree was beautiful, the kids had fun with their cousins, and J and I had a great time talking in the car and dreaming at IKEA. That place is crazy big!100_2460.jpgThe photos go like this: The White House all decked out for Christmas, the National Tree, Little Lamb in the cold-I wanted to make sure we documented that she was indeed there for the event!, J and the kids at the tree, and finally Bear and Belle playing with their cousins.100_2463.jpgIt was dark so we had to use the night shot mode. It creates cool pictures but it is VERY difficult to get them in focus. Especially when taking pictures of kids running around in the cold. I was glad that it was cold because it made it feel so much more Christmasy!100_2466.jpgWith us being out of town, I don’t know when I’ll get back to blogging regularly. I promise to take lots of pictures of the events to share with everyone!


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