Last night at dinner Belle asked how cheese is made. I started to answer but realized I didn’t really know the terms all that well. I tried passing off to J, but he didn’t know them either. So as soon as we were finished eating I did a Google search on how to make cheese. I found a great site here. It has some kind of video thing that is too small to see. However, it has a kid’s section that gives simple information on the cheese making process and even has some games. We had fun looking up the info, but mostly enjoyed the Tetris-based game with bottles of milk and wedges of cheese. So that was our unexpected lesson for today!Belle is always so amazed when I tell her how we didn’t have computers and the Internet when we were kids. I told her last night that I didn’t even have a computer in my house until I was 14. Her jaw dropped to the floor! Ahhh the things we take for granted!!


One Response to “Cheese”

  1. That is so funny. We were reading about making cheese in the little house book. I’ll have to “Lucy” down and read it with her. Thanks.

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