Library day!

We’ve had a nice day here at our little abode. Bear, Lamb, and I went to playgroup while Belle was at school. There are several kids close in age to both Bear and Lamb so it was lots of fun. It’s fun to watch Bear play with other kids. I haven’t done this often enough since we’ve moved. He’s so sweet bringing toys to other kids and playing with the other moms. I’m impressed with how well he shares in these situations. He does pitch a fit if one of the kids pulls a toy from his hands, but I don’t want him to be a pushover anyway!After lunch we headed to the local library. It’s pretty small and I haven’t had much luck with their computer system, but the librarians are very helpful. This library is connected to the larger system of libraries so they will place holds on anything they don’t have, which happens fairly often. We checked out several books including Little House in the Big Woods. And since today has now become yesterday (our little baby girl seems to be occupying my evenings lately), we began reading it last night. I tried to take time to explain the different lifestyle of Laura and her family. I feel like she probably got lost in some of the details (there are A LOT of details). We nearly finished the first chapter when we had to break to eat some pie. We’ll continue tonight.I feel like we’ve had a fairly successful week here. I’ve met most of my goals for the week and so has Belle (we have a new chart of her jobs on the fridge)!! Just one more job and she’s earned her dollar for the week!claires-chart.jpg(Excuse the reflection of the back door on the fridge)


3 Responses to “Library day!”

  1. OK, how does she clean the bathtub? I would love to pass that job onto my lovely daughter. 🙂

  2. First, sorry for the problems with the ginormous picture. I’ll have to get Jeff to help me out with that another day. Second, back when I was pregnant (and super nauseous) with Blaine I bought one of those Mr. Clean Magic Reach things. I’m not usually one for cleaning contraptions, but leaning over a bathtub with a baby squeezing on your tummy is uncomfortable enough-add nausea to the mix and well, the cleaning just wasn’t happening. The Magic Reach was perfect because I didn’t have to lean over so much. Claire discovered it when we moved here and I was, once again, pregnant and nauseous. I don’t really like her having direct contact with cleaners so this is the perfect solution. She thinks it’s great fun! I help her out some, but she really does a good job.

  3. That is a great idea. I never would have thought of that. I’m sticking it on the grocery list now. Thank you!

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