5 Things I love today…

• Hearing Bear say Incredibles, it sound something like cuggabulls• Lamb taking a 3 hour nap, again today!!!• My new Rachel Ray Santoku knife-you can be sure I’m planning meals with lots ofchopping for the next few days!!• Vanilla-Brown Sugar Syrup from our Gourmet Cookbook-it is so delicious, it’s dangerous• Snuggling with Belle on the sofa after Bear is in bedHere is the long awaited photo of me with my hair cut (wearing one of my new headbands)…mommys-birthday.jpg


3 Responses to “5 Things I love today…”

  1. I am so happy to SEE you again! You haven’t changed a bit. What a beautiful photo!

  2. Thanks! I guess I like it now. It’s only hair, right?

  3. It looks cute! Can’t wait to see you in person soon!!!

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