More funnies

On the way home from the store, Belle remembered that her microphone was still broken. I told her I had taken it one place (Radio Shack) and they couldn’t fix it. So, she began coming up with ideas of what we could do.1. Take it to the hardware store (We have a nice one here in town with very helpful people so this one is actually quite plausible)2. Call Handy Manny!! Her: “He can fix anything!” Me: “Umm…he’s just a character from a show, dear. We can’t call him.” Her: “Oh, yeah…”3. Ask a builder. This directly stemmed from the above thought, but involves a REAL person. We have a man coming to fix some things around the house tomorrow and I could just see her asking him to fix her microphone.4. Go to a music store; after all it is a microphone.It’s fun having these brainstorming sessions with her.


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