I mentioned earlier about loving my new knife and planning meals with lots of chopping. Well, here’s some of what I’ve been chopping! My husband and I like good food, but I have to be creative to get as much good stuff in for as little money as possible. One of my strategies is to plan meals with similar ingredients (ie. produce) in the same week so I’m sure not to waste stuff. Another is to substitute as much as possible (this saves time and money-both of which I cherish). I’m also not afraid to just leave stuff out if I don’t think it’s necessary to the recipe. As much as I LOVE baking for it’s exactness, I’m beginning to appreciate the flexibility of cooking.So one night I made salmon cakes from Tyler Florence. I halved the recipe for the most part, except the salmon. I used just under half a pound. I also didn’t make the breadcrumbs myself but instead used Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs in the green box there on the left) because who wants to dirty the food processor just for breadcrumbs?? I left out the chilies and traded parsley for the cilantro because I needed parsley for another recipe. I chose this recipe for a few reasons, but mostly because we love salmon (even Belle) and this was a good way to stretch it out. (I did not make the bok choy or the sauce.)dinner.jpgThat night, I also made artichoke and parmesan crostini from Martha Stewart. The canned artichokes were a little pricey, but I found a brand that was reasonable. The potatoes are a stand-by of mine: chop them up to similar sized cubes, coat in olive oil, rosemary, salt, sometimes garlic and roast in the oven till they’re done. I never remember from time to time what temp oven I use or how long they cook.crostini.jpgAnother night I made this delicious recipe from Martha again. I made the following substitutions: I used about ¾ of a pound of haddock instead of cod, no thyme, andouille instead of chorizo (I froze the rest to use in breakfast tacos or pizza or both), and no clam juice. I served this with white rice. It was sooo good. I didn’t take a picture of this one. I seem to remember a little baby needing some attention or something ridiculous like that!


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  1. I wish I could share yours (and my sisters) passion for cooking. My idea of a great meal is something that I can pop in the oven or the crock pot.

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