Raising a son

I fully expected Bear to be different from Belle. Aside from the obvious gender difference, they are two unique individuals. He doesn’t always play the same way Belle did (though sometimes it sounds much the same in toddler-ese). Everything makes sound effects. Everything flies. Everything crashes. (Note: If, by chance, you are reading this and don’t have children yet-don’t bother buying a new coffee table anytime soon. It will be so dinged and scratched from all the playing you will kick yourself. This is one lesson I did NOT learn the hard way, thankfully!!) I generally find that I play with him in much the same way I did with Belle except instead of holding princesses I’m holding Buzz or Mr. Incredible. We open with basic introductions, carry on a basic conversation, give Bear kisses…So what’s my point here? I expected him to be different from Belle, but there are some things that he does just like Belle that have surprised me. He is very attentive to the needs of others. He brings kids toys to play with at playgroup. He says “Bess You!” for EVERY sneeze. He asks if your “OK?” after EVERY cough. I didn’t think he’d be insensitive or anything. I guess when Belle did those same things I just thought it was part of her unique personality. She would yell from any room in the house “Bless You!” if you sneezed and fully expected you to return the favor-gently reminding you if you forgot.I love my son dearly, for the ways that he’s different from Belle and the ways that he is similar. Hmmm, maybe I should have waited to post this on Thursday for “Love Thursday”. Let’s just pretend! Happy Love Day!


2 Responses to “Raising a son”

  1. It IS so interesting, isn’t it? My children are so different. “Linus” climbs all over everything – and turns the vaccum attachements into swords (where he got that, I have NO idea). It’s so much fun too watch.

  2. I love to sit back and watch the little ways that my kids are different and the same. They’re all so different. Being a mom is great..

    Happy LT

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