A week in photos…

J had all last week off from work. It was a welcome break that we were all sad to see end. Here is a recap of the week through pictures:We had a nice snow storm that brought beautiful powdery snow and some visits from pretty birds. The first is the view from our front porch. The second is a picture I took through the kitchen window of a cute puffy bird. It’s not a very good pic of the bird, but I like the cold, snowy look. The third photo is of some beautiful birds that I’ve spotted twice now. They have these gorgeous royal blue feathers and orange bellies.snow.jpgbird-thru-window.jpgbeautiful-bird.jpgNext up, Bear has taken a liking to dressing-up. In the first photo, he’s wearing Belle’s hat and my snow boots. In the second, he’s wearing J’s hat, Belle’s mittens, and princess sandals!dress-up-1.jpgdress-up2.jpgWe made crepes two nights in a row this week. First as a dessert with Nutella and chocolate sauce then with creamy chicken and mushrooms. Both were absolutely delicious! We follow Alton Brown’s recipe available on Food Network’s website. Here’s the batter resting in the fridge and then a finished product.crepe-batter.jpgfinished-crepe.jpgLastly, we went to DC to visit J’s brothers’ families. We spent the day at the Air and Space museum. Here’s a couple shots of the plane J’s Grandad flew.sebs-plane1.jpgsebs-plane2.jpg


One Response to “A week in photos…”

  1. Those birds are amazing! And the snow! Do you remember that one day we ALL had that big snowball fight in the front yard and came in for cocoa? What a wonderful day that was. I still can’t get over how much your son looks like you.

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