More than lucky

I don’t like to call myself lucky. You see that is leaving too much to chance. Instead I consider myself a very blessed person. Not that I need a commercial holiday to realize this, but it is good to have these days make you stop and think.I have 4 wonderful Valentines! My oldest daughter, Belle, brings such joy in my life with her heart of gold. My son, Bear, makes me laugh so hard I forget anything difficult in life with his utter cuteness. My baby, Lamb, reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment as she grows so quickly. And the man who has made this all possible, my husband J, encourages me to continue growing and pushing myself, to not become stagnate in my life. A friend recently wrote a post about her most romantic year with her husband. I feel like I’ve only just begun that year with J. We’ve moved to a new state away from the comfort of friends and family; we’ve added a member to our family; money is tighter than ever; we worry for the future of our world. We have chosen to use these times to grow stronger together, to rely on one another in a new and wonderful way.Stop for a moment and enjoy the blessings in your life!HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!


5 Responses to “More than lucky”

  1. You brought tears to my eyes! That was beautiful.

  2. Awww, that is so sweet. I’m so happy that you ended up with such a lovely family.

  3. “… only begun that year …”

    That is such a lovely thought!

  4. You are richly blessed. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing the love! Happy LT.

  5. Even better than being blessed is appreciating it. Lovely Love Thursday 🙂

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