Reading update

Nightly reading with Belle is going very well. She really loves reading “chap” books with me. First we read Little House in the Big Woods. I didn’t know how much she was actually absorbing, but our dinner conversation last night gave me great hope. One nice thing about this book is that they don’t have modern conveniences. So when they make something, they really make it. When she asked how syrup is made at dinner, I reminded her about the chapter “Sugar Snow” when they go to their grandparent’s house to collect the maple syrup. She immediately remembered the dance and how, when they finally convinced the grandmother to come out and dance, she said “What about the syrup?” (Ahem, that is NOT a direct quote!) She remembered more than I did! And we finished the book almost 2 weeks ago!Last night we finished Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. It is such a cute book filled with ingenious cures for the most typical childhood ailments. It was a nice, funny change of pace. I remember reading it with my 2nd grade teacher-one of my few fond memories of that year. There are more books in the series that we will check out soon. We’ve checked out Little House on the Prairie to start tonight.This has become such a special time for us. Even Daddy gets in on the fun sometimes!On another note, sweet little Lamb has RSV. I took her in to the doctor this morning and she is weezing some. Not much housework happening with a baby in my arms.


One Response to “Reading update”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Chloe! Hang in there, and we’ll keep her in our prayers.

    And what wonderful memories you are making with Claire. She’s going to look back someday and remember these as some of the best times in her life. You’re a great Mom!

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