Is it Thursday already?

I’m in a cranky mood. I was in a cranky mood yesterday. I’m really quite tired of the feeling that my head win start spinning with steam spewing from my ears at any moment. I’m ready to throw the towel in on this day already and it’s only 10:45! AM!I FINALLY got Lamb asleep this morning around 9, but Bear had to follow me into the room to put her down and all my efforts of trying to keep him out woke her up. I decided to take a bath and see if she might soothe herself into dreamy land (HA! Who am I kidding?) while Belle and Bear played in their rooms. Well, that was a joke-the kids played in the bathroom with me, parading around Lamb, dunking hands in the bath, spilling water on the floor…I got further stressed out, biting Belle’s head off a couple of times without her knowing just why I was so upset. I tried to explain to her how I’d wanted Lamb to have a peaceful, quiet time while I was in the bath and that her singing and dancing just wasn’t doing the trick. So, the kids retreated to Belle’s room. I got dressed. Took Belle and Bear downstairs for some quality TV time (UGH!) and came back upstairs to get Lamb to sleep AGAIN. It seems to have worked for the moment.I am completely exhausted from carrying my baby around willing her to sleep with all my might, from desperately wanting to accomplish just a couple of things on my “To Do” list, from beating myself up for being so impatient with Belle and Bear.Sorry for the downer post today. I’m hoping that by getting some of these feelings out this morning, I’ll be able to get out of this funk by the time Jeff gets home tonight. He certainly had his fair share of my crankiness yesterday.I’m not really feeling the love for Love Thursday, but I’m hopeful it will come to me as the day progresses. As I reread this I’m thinking that maybe today Love is being able to say sorry to my kiddos for my impatience and knowing that they will love me no matter what.


2 Responses to “Is it Thursday already?”

  1. And that’s the spirit of Love Thursday — being able to find the love, no matter what!

    Hope your day gets better!

  2. I’m so sorry. We’ve all had days like that. I’m sure Chloe being sick is difficult as well. Prayers for you here.

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