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In which I call her Cranky McFussalot

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It may seem to some that I spend most of my time here complaining about my little baby. And in some ways it is probably true. I think the main reason for that is I feel like she has pulled the carpet out from under my feet. I have 3 kids. I should know how to handle a baby by now. But somehow-for reasons we still do not fully understand-I cannot seem to make it any better. She is 6 months old now. This has always been my favorite age when the little personality starts to show through! But things seems to be getting worse instead of better. We tried Oatmeal cereal on Tuesday and the rash returned. I took her to the pediatrician (AGAIN!!) yesterday to see about getting a referral to an allergist. He was willing to do it, though not convinced that we’ll learn anything there. You see, kids aren’t supposed to react to rice cereal-that’s why we give it to babies first. But, my kid does. She also wakes multiple times in the night screaming her head off and contorting her body to the point that I can barely keep hold of her. I’d let her scream it out but she seems to be in such pain. I know the baby tricks of getting you to hold them or take them to your bed, but this is not like that. This is a writhing pain look.Over the years I’ve given little nicknames to my kids which I use here on my blog. However, in honor of Darren and his affinity for creative nicknames, I have started calling her Cranky McFussalot. It truly fits her personality so much better.So we’re still struggling most days. She is napping better and often getting herself to sleep without me patting her back. I’ve been cooking and baking quite a bit lately and I will do my best to update you with some recipes and fun photos.



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Here’s a quick update on the going’s on…Lamb’s eczema was doing quite well with nightly water baths, and greasing up with vasoline and cortisone cream. She had her 6 month check-up one week after starting this routine and her skin was mostly normal. The pediatrician said it probably wasn’t allergies since it cleared up so quickly and it was safe to go back to feeding her cereal. We’d only tried rice cereal a few times and I had quit completely once the rash came. So, I fed her rice cereal Wed. and Thurs. and guess what happened Thurs night? A major eczema flare-up! Rice cereal!!! The most basic baby food. The doctor wasn’t in the office on Friday so I’m not-so-patiently waiting until Monday to hear back. I’m hoping she’ll send us to an allergist so I don’t lay awake at night worrying about trying new foods and finding one she’s super allergic to. It would certainly explain her fussiness. Some days I really think I’m going to lose my mind with this one. She’s so unlike our other two that it’s like starting over, but with 2 others demanding my attention. I go back and forth on the crying to sleep stuff. She was doing well last week with crying for 5 minutes, me going in and patting her, crying again for 5 only if she was really fighting. This week, esp since the flare-up, it’s been difficult to soothe her when I go in and I wind up feeling so guilty as I think about her little body fighting something. Motherhood is such a frustrating thing some times. I much prefer to be told what to do and how to do it rather than try to make up the rules as I go along. Our first pediatrician with Belle was so great. He’d tell me exactly what to do with night wakings and feedings without me having to ask. I never feel like I’m a good question asker so I really liked that he told me so much straight out. I haven’t found anyone that’s as good at that as he was. We’ve had great doctors, just not so good at reading my mind I guess!On another note…We went to Old Navy tonight to look around. I found some things to try on and we headed to the super big dressing room that can accomodate the double stroller. It has this large bench which Belle and Bear decided made the perfect stage. They danced and sang their hearts out. Unfortunately for those within a 5 mile radius, they were singing completely different songs. Ok, so Bear was just yelling random sounds to a made up tune…but I call it singing! He’s just started showing an interest in songs and music. Belle was singing the ABC’s and many others completely on her own by this time. Oh well. It’ll come.


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I happen to have stumbled across a couple of blogs written by fathers about fatherhood. I find it so refreshing to read their perspectives on their families. They say each couple has an extrovert and an introvert. I’m definitely more extroverted than my husband-though not the “never met a stranger” type. My husband is definitely the “quiet” one. A title he does not look upon favorably. I’m not generally bothered by his quietness, except at social functions where I don’t know anyone and he doesn’t feel like introducing me to everyone. Those types of situations are actually quite uncomfortable for him, and I try to remember that-sometimes more successfully than others. My point is, I know there is so much more to my husband that no one besides myself and our kids will see. And I guess I want others to see that side of him sometimes, to see what I see. It’s my own desire to share things coming out I suppose.So back to my original point-I really love it when I see a father willing to put their thoughts and feelings into writing. In Charlotte’s Web, you’ll find a first-time father to a now one year old precious little girl. He certainly does not take his role as father lightly and yet demonstrates a great sense of humor as well. At Laid Off Dad, you’ll find humorous tales mixed in with sweet father moments. However, today’s post has me really thinking. How often do I throw out empty praise to my children? I was aware of being specific with my praise when I was teaching and yet it never crossed my mind with my own children. Possibly because they are still young. But now is the time to set the best foundation! I especially love the idea of teaching your kids how the brain is a muscle and you have to flex it to make it stronger. What a fantastic idea! So obvious and yet I never thought of it.Our visitors have all gone home. The children are all asleep. We didn’t win the HGTV Dream House nor the $100,000 give away. Life goes on and tomorrow is Monday again. I just realized I didn’t get out the kids’ clothes before putting them to bed. As my son would say, “Ohhhh, maaaan!”

22 Reasons it’s taken me so long to write an entry on this here blog…

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1. My husband decided to move the computer back upstairs2. which means it isn’t staring me in the face3. saying “Why haven’t you written lately???”4. Lamb’s RSV is gone now but has left behind a terrible case of baby eczema5. J’s mom,6. sister-in-law,7. and 2 daughters came to visit this weekend8. Did I mention my husband moved the computer far, far away?9. My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow10. I’ve started watching a little boy (we’ll call him G) from Belle’s class in the afternoons11. Little Lamb stills screams too much12. and sleeps too little13. It took two office visits to determine that she has eczema14. and is likely writhing in pain from all the itching15. and probably has reflux too16. oh, and I do have 2 other kids17. but sometimes I forget their names18. except when they start yelling19. just as Lamb falls asleep20. oh yeah, and J was on night float last week21. working 8pm – 10am22. and sleeping all dayWell, that about sums it up!

For Little Lamb

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Little Lamb at 5 months-When you are happy you are such a joyful baby. Your smile is adorable and your laugh is precious. Unfortunately, it seems you are unhappy (cranky and tired) far more often than not. This is an issue that drives your father and I to our wit’s end most days. When you get tired you arch your back and straighten your legs with some sort of super human strength. The accompanying scream pierces right through my eardrums.Your brother and sister absolutely adore you-cheering when you wake up from a nap so they can “play” with you. In the last week you have discovered your feet, rolled once from your tummy to back, and eaten rice cereal. You’ve also gotten to play in your exersauser, though your brother likes it more than you, and shake a rattle! I’m excited for the fun times ahead as you grow and learn to play even’s to hoping for a happy baby at six months!!