For Little Lamb

Little Lamb at 5 months-When you are happy you are such a joyful baby. Your smile is adorable and your laugh is precious. Unfortunately, it seems you are unhappy (cranky and tired) far more often than not. This is an issue that drives your father and I to our wit’s end most days. When you get tired you arch your back and straighten your legs with some sort of super human strength. The accompanying scream pierces right through my eardrums.Your brother and sister absolutely adore you-cheering when you wake up from a nap so they can “play” with you. In the last week you have discovered your feet, rolled once from your tummy to back, and eaten rice cereal. You’ve also gotten to play in your exersauser, though your brother likes it more than you, and shake a rattle! I’m excited for the fun times ahead as you grow and learn to play even’s to hoping for a happy baby at six months!!


2 Responses to “For Little Lamb”

  1. Oh, she is so cute. Those blue eyes!

  2. halfmyheart Says:

    She is so precious!!! I can fully understand the reflux, no sleep and arching back – as KT was like that. I can’t wait to see you all this weekend!!!

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