22 Reasons it’s taken me so long to write an entry on this here blog…

1. My husband decided to move the computer back upstairs2. which means it isn’t staring me in the face3. saying “Why haven’t you written lately???”4. Lamb’s RSV is gone now but has left behind a terrible case of baby eczema5. J’s mom,6. sister-in-law,7. and 2 daughters came to visit this weekend8. Did I mention my husband moved the computer far, far away?9. My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow10. I’ve started watching a little boy (we’ll call him G) from Belle’s class in the afternoons11. Little Lamb stills screams too much12. and sleeps too little13. It took two office visits to determine that she has eczema14. and is likely writhing in pain from all the itching15. and probably has reflux too16. oh, and I do have 2 other kids17. but sometimes I forget their names18. except when they start yelling19. just as Lamb falls asleep20. oh yeah, and J was on night float last week21. working 8pm – 10am22. and sleeping all dayWell, that about sums it up!


3 Responses to “22 Reasons it’s taken me so long to write an entry on this here blog…”

  1. You crack me up! We had fun visiting this weekend. I’m sorry if I seemed so out of it… I just miss my hubs. Ahem… did I not say it was eczema? 😉

  2. sorry to hear about the eczema you should check out the websites http://www.infantseczema.com and http://www.babyeczematreatmenets.com they helped me a lot.

  3. You poor, overworked woman! Move the computer back downstairs… that way you can secretly type while little people are haggling you to play… if you put it on the kitchen counter, they can’t see that high, and they really believe you that it’s taking “that long” to make them a snack… hee hee…

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