I happen to have stumbled across a couple of blogs written by fathers about fatherhood. I find it so refreshing to read their perspectives on their families. They say each couple has an extrovert and an introvert. I’m definitely more extroverted than my husband-though not the “never met a stranger” type. My husband is definitely the “quiet” one. A title he does not look upon favorably. I’m not generally bothered by his quietness, except at social functions where I don’t know anyone and he doesn’t feel like introducing me to everyone. Those types of situations are actually quite uncomfortable for him, and I try to remember that-sometimes more successfully than others. My point is, I know there is so much more to my husband that no one besides myself and our kids will see. And I guess I want others to see that side of him sometimes, to see what I see. It’s my own desire to share things coming out I suppose.So back to my original point-I really love it when I see a father willing to put their thoughts and feelings into writing. In Charlotte’s Web, you’ll find a first-time father to a now one year old precious little girl. He certainly does not take his role as father lightly and yet demonstrates a great sense of humor as well. At Laid Off Dad, you’ll find humorous tales mixed in with sweet father moments. However, today’s post has me really thinking. How often do I throw out empty praise to my children? I was aware of being specific with my praise when I was teaching and yet it never crossed my mind with my own children. Possibly because they are still young. But now is the time to set the best foundation! I especially love the idea of teaching your kids how the brain is a muscle and you have to flex it to make it stronger. What a fantastic idea! So obvious and yet I never thought of it.Our visitors have all gone home. The children are all asleep. We didn’t win the HGTV Dream House nor the $100,000 give away. Life goes on and tomorrow is Monday again. I just realized I didn’t get out the kids’ clothes before putting them to bed. As my son would say, “Ohhhh, maaaan!”


2 Responses to “Fathers”

  1. How ironic that you didn’t use that muscle to think of it. 😉

    Meg and I were just talking about how no one in the family must of won the dream house – since the phone was NOT ringing off the hook!!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I am very glad you enjoy the blog as much as we do. Im glad you finally got some updates on your blog! We were wondering where you went!

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