Just so silly

We splurged and had steaks cooked out on the grill last night. Bear is not much of a meat eater so we gave him a little-so as not to waste much on him! Anyway, I gave him some ketchup for dipping and encouraged him to try it. He replied, “No, kankoo” and proceeded to dip his strawberries in the ketchup! In the words of my daughter “He eats grossly!!”This morning I had a load of clothes in the dryer that were making a terrible sound. I told my mom it sounded like there were shoes in the dryer. I looked inside to shift things around and see if I spotted anything suspicious. I didn’t see anything and restarted the dryer. The noise was so terrible I feared the dryer was about to quit. Some time passed and the noise stopped so I didn’t think much more of it. I just opened the dryer to empty it and while I didn’t find any shoes, I found rocks! Apparently my son had stashed some in his pockets.He woke up this morning at 5am crying from his bed-he usually just comes right out of his room now so I knew something was wrong. I rushed upstairs, opened the door and he said-still crying-“I’m duck!” (I’m stuck!) His little knee was wedged between the matress and the wall!Belle is in love with High School Musical. She hasn’t actually seen the movie but she’s heard little clips of the songs on Disney’s website. She dances and sings to them day and night. One of these days we’ll rent the movie just so she can learn some of the dance moves.Bear’s favorite trick to make me crazy is to get on the stool in their bathroom, squirt out tons of soap on his hands and squish it between his fingers. So much fun! I’ve cleaned soap from the sink, counters, walls, stool, just about any surface in the bathroom!


3 Responses to “Just so silly”

  1. I should add that he did eventually eat the steak once the strawberries were all gone. Yea Blaine!!

  2. He sounds so cute! We have not seen High School Musical either, but it is all I hear about on the radio! And strawberries and ketchup does sound gross.

  3. Kenny dips his strawberries in hummos. Yeah.
    Thanks for the sweet stories… they gave me a good giggle. 🙂

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