She’s back!!

Not that I’d mentioned it (for fear of jinxing things I suppose), but last week was a reasonably good week with Lamb. She was napping well with very little crying. She was waking in the night-mostly from habit I figure-but was getting back to sleep fairly easily. She rarely screamed her lovely scream and arched her back. I even began questioning how real it all was. Was I just making it all up???And then Cranky McFussalot returned. Lying in bed this morning wishing I was sleeping I developed two possible theories. The week before last was very rough. I was giving her the Zantac (for reflux) regularly but she was still crying. So I got kind of lazy with it. And didn’t give it to her all last week and not until this morning. Could it be that it took a week to really help (thus the good week last week) but now is bad again since I stopped?Also, during the “bad” week, I ate lots of homemade goodies. Remember these sugar cookies and brownies??? This week I’ve been eating a delicious bunny cake (another post for another day) and homemade waffles. So maybe these homemade treats with all there flour/wheat or maybe it’s eggs or whatever is bothering her.I don’t really know, of course. I’m starting the Zantac back regularly. Maybe I’ll keep the goodies coming and see if the medicine alone takes care of it. I don’t know.But I do know I seriously need some sleep WITHOUT holding a baby in my arms. My back is NOT happy with me.***I didn’t read this AT ALL for mistakes, so please forgive me!!***


2 Responses to “She’s back!!”

  1. I’m so sorry! My dr. recommended mylanta for a quick fix – you may ask about that. We had good luck with it, so didn’t move on to the zantac. Poor baby. Poor mommy!!

  2. halfmyheart Says:

    Interesting how what we eat sometimes can affect the way our milk tastes. When you come to visit, I’ll hold her for a few hours while you nap!

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