Spring brings thoughts of God’s love

I feel like the strongest evidence of God’s work around us is in nature. It both amazes me and reminds me just how small we are. I am absolutely loving Spring here with all it’s flowering trees. Here are a few pictures that I’ve taken driving around. Please understand that these are trees and bushes I see everyday on the side of the road-not all in a single garden or something. It is absolutely awesome and certainly the most beautiful time of year I’ve witnessed in some time.I’ve probably included too many pictures here, but I guess you’ll just have to deal with it! Sadly, I don’t know what most of these plants are. That’ll have to wait for another year.This is a most amazing tree with weeping branches.weeping-tree.jpgAnother pretty tree in a friend’s yard.pink-blossoms.jpgAhhh…forsythia!!forsythia.jpgBelle’s favorite!dandelion.jpgA not-so-great-but-kind-of-cool picture of a dogwood. Either I’m not a good judge of the height of branches from the car or I’m shorter than I think. Probably the latter.dogwood1.jpgA little better shot of the dogwood.dogwood2.jpgPink dogwoods!!!pink-dogwood.jpgA peach orchard in full bloom. The pink horizon was breathtaking!peach-trees-3.jpg100_2761.jpgpeach-trees-2.jpg


6 Responses to “Spring brings thoughts of God’s love”

  1. Amazing photos. I loved the dogwoods.

  2. Oh my gosh! Amazing photos! I feel all spring-like now, I need to put on a floaty skirt – LOL!

  3. halfmyheart Says:

    Those are great pictures!! We finally were at 64 degrees today… you might want to bring some sweaters when you visit next weekend!! 😉

  4. I second the two Jennifers on the photos. Dogwoods are my absolute favorite flowering trees and you captured them beautifully. I never realized that peach blossoms were pink! Gorgeous.

  5. Ok, so I was all “over” missing Spring on the East coast, but seeing those pictures made me choke up. You just can’t get that excited about Spring in the Arizona… it’s already 90, and the 300 varieties of cactus plants just can’t compete with a dogwood or a cherry blossom…

  6. I am so jealous of all the green and beautiful flowers–I think you need a dust storm!

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