Sewing 101

No, I’m not teaching sewing 101, I’m living it!I’ve been talking about sewing some clothes for the kids for a while now and I finally dug up the courage to try on Friday. So, we headed to the fabric store (I had the pattern already, purchased several years ago). I let Belle pick out the fabrics (with a little guidance) and away we went. Well, it’s three days later and I’m almost finished. The pattern was not that difficult, I’m just a little slow with these things. After all this is my first solo clothing project. I’ve made a few skirts over the years with my Mom’s help, but never anything alone.There’s still a few details left like buttons and button holes-they seriously terrify me-but I’m happy with the outcome.outfits.jpgDon’t look too long or you’ll notice all the flaws!Here’s a close-up of Bear’s pocket. I designed the letters on paper, tranferred them to the fabric, and hand stitched them.b-pocket.jpgI used a very basic method to transfer them:1. Draw the design on paper with pencil2. Trace over finished letter with Sharpie3. Go over letter in pencil on back side of paper4. Position paper on fabric and rub a pencil over the designYou have to rub pretty hard-in the end you wind up scribbling all over your original design.Lessons learned:If at first you don’t succeed, read and read again!A seam ripper is a wonderful thing!Don’t give up…just rip it out and try again.Read those directions again and again, until you’ve got it right!One nice things about this pattern is the lining. I purposefully chose something that would unite the boy and girl outfits, but you can do just about anything. Also, you can make them reversible! And you don’t have to worry about your stitching showing because it’s all contained by the lining. The down size is you don’t have as much control over the length…so plan ahead!


3 Responses to “Sewing 101”

  1. They are so adorable!! When did you find time? I’m really impressed. Only I think your hubby could use a matching pair of scrubs…

  2. halfmyheart Says:

    Wow! You are truely and amazing mom! I can’t even glue googlie eyes on a sock puppet. They look so cute, great job! I agree with Kris, make some scrubs with flannel lining! 😉

  3. Those are so, so cute! I love the letters – very polished! I just learned button holes myself – terrified is a good word (but easy once I figured it out) How fun!

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