The best thing since…

well, since he couldn’t open doors by himself!I thought long and hard to figure out a way to keep Bear in his room but still allow Belle to get out-she sleeps in his room quite often. Therefore, gates and turning the knob around to lock him in wouldn’t work. Then it occured to me in one of my middle-of-the-night thinking spells (when I’m fighting to stay awake while feeding Lamb so I can get her back in her bed when she’s finished)-a child-proof door knob cover!door-knob.jpgIt works like a charm!!door-knob2.jpgThat is until Belle decided to teach him to knock on the door and he beat on it like he was trying to break it down. It buys me some sleep time in the morning and keeps him in when he protests his nap. That’s pretty good to me!Here’s a cute picture of Little Lamb from Easter just because I love, love, love it!!chloe-on-easter.jpgNothing new to report on her. We saw an allergist on Monday and the skin tests were all negative. They want to wait to do any blood tests until she has a reaction to something else. I guess her eczema is not in the areas they expect eczema to be (hands, wrists, feet, ankles). She gets it the most on her back which is very unlike eczema. I don’t know. We’re surviving through it for now. I guess I’ll have to wait until she’s older to see if there is anything more going on.


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