nights like these…

-I realize just how much my husband does every evening to help me out

-I feel really guilty for all the complaining that he isn’t doing “enough”

-I know that my husband truly loves me and the kids and wishes he could be a work-from-home Dad

-I kick myself for saying to him that I can’t ever do enough to please him when I know I’ve put the same pressure on him so many times

-I find myself staying up later than usual, maybe so I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow

-I understand how lost I would be without my dear husband

-I am so thankful for every moment we have together

-I promise to be a better wife to my husband and better mother to my kids (Lord knows I have a long way to go!)


3 Responses to “nights like these…”

  1. You are so sweet and transparent to write all those things. I don’t think there’s a single one of us who hasn’t had a night where all those thoughts are swiming through our heads…

  2. Crisanne,
    You are such a great wife and mother, I’m always telling Patrick that if I’m half as good a mom as you are, I’ll be happy. You and Jeff have such hectic lives right now, but you should both be very proud of how well you’re handling it!

  3. I think we all feel that way sometimes. I know I wish that I had sat on the couch together more before he left. Wish I had lifted his spirits more before he left. Now here I am scrambling to get things done and praying the house is as clean as he makes it by the time he gets back. It is good that you realize how much you need (and love) your husband… some people go an entire lifetime taking things for granted that you already have figured out! You are an awesome mom and wife. I can only hope to be as quick, clean and attentive as you.

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