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Plum tuckered out

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He put up a good fight-nearly 3 hours-playing in his room instead of napping. Things were quiet for a little bit so I went to check on him. This is what I found:


Why is it so fun to toss clean, folded clothes all over the floor???


Strawberry Bliss

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We had a fantastic weekend together! On Saturday we played around the house in the morning then went to a “Pick your own berries” Strawberry Farm. We came home with more than we can eat, but had a great together. These are the years of building fond family-time memories with Belle. The kind we’ll talk about for years to come-like how Bear kept picking the white ones-and Lamb will ask “Was I alive?” (I’m famous in my family for asking that very question!) I have to say these are the most delicious strawberries I have EVER tasted. If you’re like us and can’t grow your own fruits and veggies, try to find local farms that will let you come pick your produce. We have apple, peach, and strawberry farms that we have frequented. It really is a lot of fun and it’s amazing how much better they taste.After the farm we took a drive through a state park. The road winds around the mountains with breathtaking views. Here’s a few pics from our day.picking-berries.jpgchloe-with-bruise.jpg(Yes, that’s a bruise on her cheek. Maybe someday I’ll get the nerve to tell you about that! I’ll tell you this much-baby in chair up on table + well meaning brother=boom, baby and chair on floor)strawberries.jpgclaire-with-braids.jpg

Finally the true reality!!

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Ok, so I finally updated my Blogroll. What? You thought those were the only blogs I read?? HA! They’re addictive!! That’s why the smart techy folks invented things like Vienna, Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. They make life sooo much easier!


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The exhaustion of this week has settled in. J is on his last night of a week of night shifts. He has to leave just as my least favorite part of the night begins. I know I need a total attitude adjustment, but I’ve come to dread the time between 7 and 9:30. And none of our kids resist bedtime. I just prefer to be a total lazy butt and sit on the sofa. Of course I don’t. I find some way to distract Bear and Belle while I head upstairs to bathe, feed, and put Lamb to bed. Then I go downstairs and snuggle with Bear a few minutes and then go back upstairs to put him to bed. Then it’s back downstairs to spend a little time alone with Belle. Finally sometime between 9 and 9:30 I go upstairs one more time to put Belle to bed.I haven’t gotten the kitchen cleaned before bed since Sunday night. Belle has a cough and has had a coughing fit at 12:00 the last two nights that has lasted an hour each time. She somehow stays asleep through most of it, but I can’t sleep through it. I should probably just go to bed now, but it feels so lame to go to bed at 9:30!!The brighter side is that J has the whole weekend off. We’re trying to come up with something fun to do together. We considered the beach but it looks like it will be too cool this weekend. Maybe a tour through some caverns in a nearby national park. Maybe just some sleep!

Good News

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’ll risk repeating myself to give a little background to the story. Bear has had ear infections since he was 6 months old. We tried every antibiotic but could never completely clear up his ears. The thing is, he’s such an easy going kid, I never even knew he had ear troubles. We first discovered the problem at his 6 month check-up. I was completely shocked. I’d always been told that you’ll know your baby has an ear infection by the piercing scream like no other you’ve ever heard. Not my little guy! He be-bops through life with a smile no matter what!He had tubes placed in his ears at 15 months because the fluid never totally went away and his hearing was quite low. They do this test that measures the movement of the tempanic membrane and his would be completely flat when it should be a nice little mountain. Unfortunately the tube in his left ear came out within 6 months of the surgery. This fall he started getting infections again. We saw a new ENT here in VA and it seemed his hearing was improving. There was movement in his right ear, but not his left. Hearing tests around age 2 are pratically worthless because they’ve mastered the “I know you want me to look over there when you talk but you can’t make me do it!” thing. We decided to wait and see if he could clear up on his own since most kids will by age 26 months.I took him back to the ENT today. His ears are mostly clear of fluid. The right tube is out now, but it’s been a year since the surgery so that’s not surprising. His right tempanic membrane vibrated perfectly, the left was a little off-it moved, but had some negative pressure. Basically he goes around feeling like his left ear needs to pop all the time. Sounds fun, huh?Anyway, because the movement was strong enough we will not need to repeat the surgery at this point. It also means that he is hearing in both ears. I do still worry some about his speech. He’s definitely behind, but it’s hard to know when to worry. He’s adding new words every day, but he rarely uses more than 2 words together except in phrases like “There it is!” He has words where he makes these strange sounds that aren’t “normal” that worry me. He pulls his tongue back in his mouth and kind of swallows the word. Does that make any sense at all???I’m trying to be patient with him and continue praying for my little guy. He is such a precious little gift. We’ll go back to see the dr in Aug to check on him again. Hopefully it will bring even more good news.He started singing along to some of the songs in High School Musical today. Basically he just says the last word of the phrase, but he did it several times in two different songs. He really likes “Head in the Game” if you’ve seen the movie. I need to find a basketball goal for him, he’d totally love it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I hope that you all had a great time enjoying your families today. I think that is the most important part of days like these. We started our day with crepes made by my dear husband followed by a picnic lunch at a nearby lake and ended with delicious hamburgers. Hmmm that’s a lot o food!Here are some highlights of our day’m really hoping none of them touched the poison ivy there in the backgroud…blaine-in-poison-ivy.jpgchloe-and-mom.jpgblaine-in-blue.jpgMy present: a bracelet lovingly crafted by Belle at school and new canisters!bracelet.jpgpresents.jpgAn arrangement I made from rhododendrons I cut from the

Singing a lullaby is easy! To sing a lullaby is fun!

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When I started sleep training Lamb, I told Belle about her bedtime routine and how I sing her songs while she eats her bottle. Belle decided to write a lullaby for Lamb to help her sing. The tune is a bit repetitive but the lyrics are straight from her heart. BTW, if she asks, yes I sing this to Lamb…sometimes.Tonight do you feel like a lullaby?They are so cute that I want to sing one to youOh my! Look at you!I feel like you can do itSinging a lullaby is easyTo sing a lullaby is funSinging a lullaby is so cool that it will help your baby sleep betterYou feel in your heart that it helps you go to sleepYou will feel better when you wake up in the morningAnd after your nap you will feel better too.Your lullaby and you will be free to play all dayAnd then take your nap with a lullabyAnd then being free to play all dayAnd when you are free playing all day you feel like a movie star!So, if you sing your lullaby you will go to sleepAnd then you will be free to goAnd even when it rains you can still use my lullabyAnd when it rains on my song you can still sleep through the time that it is rainingAnd then you will good and healthyyyyyyyyy!Does it get any sweeter than that?