28 month cuteness

My sweet little boy amazes me every day with his cuteness. There is no possible way to comprehend the kind of joy your kids will bring to your heart until you have kids of your own. Now at 28 months here are just a few of the things I love about him.• when he dances he shakes his little hips and rolls his arms in circles• he dips EVERYTHING in ketchup-or the water in his cup if there’s no ketchup handy• finally discovered the point and tell game where I have to name everything and everyone over and over• the hairs across his forehead fly up when he says foot• he dotes on his baby sister with so much love• he’s learning Knock, knock jokes from Belle that sound like this:K, K…who’s there?…car…car who?…K, K…who’s there?…guy…guy who?…K, K…who’s there?…car…car who?• all numbers are either 2 or 8 and all letters are B, natch• he gallops everywhere he goes• the way he says George (of Curious George)• he loves to wear hats, esp. Belle’s winter hats in 80 degree weather• he’s obsessed with cleaning up messes and has practically used an entire pack of napkins in one week• he kisses me on both cheeks like he’s European• his favorite book is Are You My Mother? esp. the Snort• he’s started trying to ride everyone like a “Hey” (Horse)-even Lamb and the cat aren’t safe from this new trick!blaine-on-easter.jpgI hug and kiss and tickle him every chance I get. He’s changing so quickly these days, he reminds me to stop and take it all in.


One Response to “28 month cuteness”

  1. He is so cute. It must be so fun to watch them interact.

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