Bring on the ice cream

I’ve reached my limit with the nighttime wakings/feedings and generally not getting enough sleep. My parents saw a segment on the Today show of a book (you can see the actual clip by clicking “launch” on that video on the right side of the web page), The SleepEasy Solution, and immediately thought of me. Wonderful parents that they are, they ordered the book the same day to be sent to my house. I read through it as quickly as I could and began Little Lamb’s sleep training last night.She started napping well a few weeks ago and I immediately saw an improvement in her daytime demeanor. But, because her nighttime sleep was still shaky, she’s been extremely sensitive to the slightest change in her schedule. I’ve read several sleeping books over the years and have had success with the techniques, but this one is the most plan-oriented (I love me a good plan!) and also addresses the nighttime feeding/habitual hunger issue. I highly recommend this book if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation.So why the ice cream title? Well, I don’t like hearing my babies cry like this. I mean, a little here and there for a nap has never been a challenge for me. It’s during the night that I struggle. My own selfish desires for sleep, along with my husband’s long hours and precious little sleep, along with fear of waking the older kids…well, I tend to cave in too easily and go for the easiest solution for the moment not the best solution for long term. I’ve done it with all the kids at one point or another. It’s no fun to correct it, but at least it doesn’t last too long. Here’s my favorite distraction right now: one smallish bowl filled almost to capacity with Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, lots of chocolate sauce, and one sugar cone broken in pieces and stirred up. It’s sooo delicious.It takes the edge off the fact that she cried 57 minutes at bedtime last night, 58 minutes starting at 1:05 am this morning, 28 minutes protesting her third nap (a short little nap to bridge the time from nap #2 and bed time), and 39 minutes at bedtime tonight. But who’s counting, right???**If you’re wondering what’s so different about this book from all the others-they address the emotional side for the parents more than any other book I’ve read, but they are honest about saying You don’t think it will work? You don’t think you can hear them cry like that? Well, what you’re doing right now isn’t working! They also have lots of great ideas for older kids.


3 Responses to “Bring on the ice cream”

  1. #1 – I love your parents
    #2 – I salute you as I am too much of a chicken to try the cry it out thing.
    #3 – I think I need that book. 🙂

  2. halfmyheart Says:

    Ice cream is the best medicine! Hang in there!

  3. The book is great — and so is the DVD!!! For anyone who needs a quick solution — the DVD takes only 45 minutes to watch and comes with a sleep manual that outlines the sleep training process. Highly recommend it!!

    You can get it on Amazon or the Sleepy Planet website

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