Singing a lullaby is easy! To sing a lullaby is fun!

When I started sleep training Lamb, I told Belle about her bedtime routine and how I sing her songs while she eats her bottle. Belle decided to write a lullaby for Lamb to help her sing. The tune is a bit repetitive but the lyrics are straight from her heart. BTW, if she asks, yes I sing this to Lamb…sometimes.Tonight do you feel like a lullaby?They are so cute that I want to sing one to youOh my! Look at you!I feel like you can do itSinging a lullaby is easyTo sing a lullaby is funSinging a lullaby is so cool that it will help your baby sleep betterYou feel in your heart that it helps you go to sleepYou will feel better when you wake up in the morningAnd after your nap you will feel better too.Your lullaby and you will be free to play all dayAnd then take your nap with a lullabyAnd then being free to play all dayAnd when you are free playing all day you feel like a movie star!So, if you sing your lullaby you will go to sleepAnd then you will be free to goAnd even when it rains you can still use my lullabyAnd when it rains on my song you can still sleep through the time that it is rainingAnd then you will good and healthyyyyyyyyy!Does it get any sweeter than that?


5 Responses to “Singing a lullaby is easy! To sing a lullaby is fun!”

  1. Too adorable! Now if you could only video her singing it to Choloe, you’d have a YouTube hit!

  2. Aww, that is so precious! I love when they are so sweet…

  3. What a sweet big sister!

  4. That is too adorable! I especially love the part about feeling like a movie star. I hope you have something wonderful planned for Mother’s Day!

  5. How sweet. How completely sweet! May their love for each other grow with each passing day. Happy LT.

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