Good News

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’ll risk repeating myself to give a little background to the story. Bear has had ear infections since he was 6 months old. We tried every antibiotic but could never completely clear up his ears. The thing is, he’s such an easy going kid, I never even knew he had ear troubles. We first discovered the problem at his 6 month check-up. I was completely shocked. I’d always been told that you’ll know your baby has an ear infection by the piercing scream like no other you’ve ever heard. Not my little guy! He be-bops through life with a smile no matter what!He had tubes placed in his ears at 15 months because the fluid never totally went away and his hearing was quite low. They do this test that measures the movement of the tempanic membrane and his would be completely flat when it should be a nice little mountain. Unfortunately the tube in his left ear came out within 6 months of the surgery. This fall he started getting infections again. We saw a new ENT here in VA and it seemed his hearing was improving. There was movement in his right ear, but not his left. Hearing tests around age 2 are pratically worthless because they’ve mastered the “I know you want me to look over there when you talk but you can’t make me do it!” thing. We decided to wait and see if he could clear up on his own since most kids will by age 26 months.I took him back to the ENT today. His ears are mostly clear of fluid. The right tube is out now, but it’s been a year since the surgery so that’s not surprising. His right tempanic membrane vibrated perfectly, the left was a little off-it moved, but had some negative pressure. Basically he goes around feeling like his left ear needs to pop all the time. Sounds fun, huh?Anyway, because the movement was strong enough we will not need to repeat the surgery at this point. It also means that he is hearing in both ears. I do still worry some about his speech. He’s definitely behind, but it’s hard to know when to worry. He’s adding new words every day, but he rarely uses more than 2 words together except in phrases like “There it is!” He has words where he makes these strange sounds that aren’t “normal” that worry me. He pulls his tongue back in his mouth and kind of swallows the word. Does that make any sense at all???I’m trying to be patient with him and continue praying for my little guy. He is such a precious little gift. We’ll go back to see the dr in Aug to check on him again. Hopefully it will bring even more good news.He started singing along to some of the songs in High School Musical today. Basically he just says the last word of the phrase, but he did it several times in two different songs. He really likes “Head in the Game” if you’ve seen the movie. I need to find a basketball goal for him, he’d totally love it!


2 Responses to “Good News”

  1. Chrissie’s son had this same problem. He needed some speech therapy, but he is doing well. I’m glad your little boy is feeling better!

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the talking. I have a friend who raised 4 amazing kids – one of which did not utter a single word until he was 4 yrs old! The day he started talking, he was like an encyclopedia!

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