The exhaustion of this week has settled in. J is on his last night of a week of night shifts. He has to leave just as my least favorite part of the night begins. I know I need a total attitude adjustment, but I’ve come to dread the time between 7 and 9:30. And none of our kids resist bedtime. I just prefer to be a total lazy butt and sit on the sofa. Of course I don’t. I find some way to distract Bear and Belle while I head upstairs to bathe, feed, and put Lamb to bed. Then I go downstairs and snuggle with Bear a few minutes and then go back upstairs to put him to bed. Then it’s back downstairs to spend a little time alone with Belle. Finally sometime between 9 and 9:30 I go upstairs one more time to put Belle to bed.I haven’t gotten the kitchen cleaned before bed since Sunday night. Belle has a cough and has had a coughing fit at 12:00 the last two nights that has lasted an hour each time. She somehow stays asleep through most of it, but I can’t sleep through it. I should probably just go to bed now, but it feels so lame to go to bed at 9:30!!The brighter side is that J has the whole weekend off. We’re trying to come up with something fun to do together. We considered the beach but it looks like it will be too cool this weekend. Maybe a tour through some caverns in a nearby national park. Maybe just some sleep!


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