Where does the time go?

Wow, have we been busy the last few days! And not that crazy, running all over town kind of busy. Busy just being together as a family, busy reorganizing the (stuff inside the) kitchen cabinets, busy cleaning out our closet. I’m not quite finished with the last one, but I’m taking my time sorting through everything that has been thrown (sometimes quite literally) in there over the past year.Indeed it has been a year since my husband graduated from Medical School, since we moved out here to VA, since we made our most favorite trip to Disney World. Time flies by so quickly and I find it so important to take the time to enjoy the lives around me.So, instead of being up here on the computer, we’ve made homemade flour tortillas, pizza dough, corn tortillas, and the most amazing chocolate ice cream. Oh man, those corn tortiallas were soooo good. I’m going to have to make more of those very soon. And they were so easy, too! J grilled up a london broil steak (following a recipe from his Bobby Flay cookbook) which we ate on it’s own one night, in quesadillas the next day for lunch (in the flour tortillas), and in soft tacos the next night (in the corn tortillas). Three meals from one cut of meat-not bad I say!Poor Little Lamb is still such an unhappy little baby. She has her good moments, of course. But she still spends so much time crying. She’s nearly 9 months old. I would love to move past this very soon, but it only seems to get worse as she gets older. I keep praying for her and I know that it will indeed pass, I just hope it’s sooner than later.All of this lack of computer time does come with a price though-there are currently 229 unread messages in my Inbox. Thank you FLYLADY!! She may soon have to go. J has a hefty ER schedule in front of him so I should be able to grab a few minutes of online time here and there. We all know how difficult it can be to balance our family time, spouse time, and alone time so I do hope that you will be patient with me. I don’t think there have to be strict rules about how often or how much we post.And now Little Lamb is trying with all her might to reach everything on the computer table so I think I’ll have to entertain her with something else. What that is, I just don’t know right now, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


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