Little Lamb’s schedule

When I started the sleep training with Little Lamb, I established definite routines for naptime and bedtime. I wanted to post them here mostly for myself. I like the idea of looking back through old posts some day and running across such a distinct memory of the baby days.
So this is how it goes down:
1. Change Diaper
2. Meanwhile, sing songs (Jesus Loves Me; Baa, Baa, Black Sheep; Goodnight*)
3. Say prayer**
4. Read book (Hello Bee, Hello Me)
5. Cuddle with Pink Bear by crib
6. Sing Rock-A-By-Baby
7. Lay down in crib on tummy arranging pacis “just so”***

1. Quick Bath
2. Lotion, Diaper, PJ’s
3. Drink Bottle sitting on Belle’s bed
4. Begin singing songs last half of bottle (Jesus Loves Me; Baa, Baa, Black Sheep; Goodnight*; Hickory Dickory Dock (x4); Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
5. Say Prayer**
6. Read book (Hello Bee, Hello Me)
7. Offer Pink Bear and Cuddle by crib
8. Sing Rock-A-By Baby
9. Lay down in crib on tummy arranging pacis “just so”***

* Goodnight is an adaptation of a Laurie Berkner song that I love. I just sing the kid verse.

** I made up this prayer back when Belle was about 18 months and was having trouble sleeping through the night. I still say it every night to Belle and to Little Bear.

God bless you, Little Lamb, and keep you safe and healthy and protect you from all harm.
God give you good rest and help you sleep through the night Sleep all night in Little Lamb’s bed and sleep until late in the morning.

With Belle I now add a revolving list of people we ask God to bless each night always ending with each member of our family.

***I always keep 4 pacis in bed with Little Lamb. One in her mouth, one near each hand (she always grabs one when I lay her down) and one by her feet. This way she can be sure to find one if she needs it during the night.

These routines have certainly helped her. I occaisionally skip the bath when J isn’t around just because I hate leaving Belle and Little Bear unattended for so long. Unfortunately J hasn’t been around for bedtime for over a week now so most nights I turn on a 30 minute kid show to keep them occupied while I’m upstairs. It’s not ideal, but it keeps them quiet and safe.

In other news, Little Lamb started crawling-more like scooting-yesterday. She’s only gone a few inches at a time, but I know major mobility is soon on it’s way! I don’t know whether to cheer at the thought of possible self entertainment or cry at the thought of her being able to follow me when I try to sneak away! Nevertheless, she is growing up even more quickly than the first two.


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