Love the show!

As I was feeding Little Lamb her lunch, Belle comes to me and says “I think Little Lamb might be interested in enjoying a puppet show.  Should I put one on for her?”  I replied “Sure!”  She gathered up all the necessary supplies just as I was finishing up with Little Lamb.  I fixed a bowl of “popcorn” for her (sweet potato puffs) and set Little Lamb down in the appropriate chair.  Here is how the show played out.   Belle came out to the side of the theater and welcomed us. She then said “Good luck! Love the Show!” and disappeared behind the curtain.
Act I: Is this a boat or not?
Characters:Abby-the girl in the blue shirt
Taylor-the penguin from “Antarcita”
J-the dad/builder of boats, houses, etc.

She mostly talked of traveling to Antarctica and meeting the penguin. There was lots of (unexpected) audience participation. I may or may not have listened and answered appropriately.



She came back out from behind the curtain, asking if we liked the show. “Oh yes!” I replied. Not telling her that the veggie puffs were the only thing keeping Little Lamb in her chair!


We cheered and begged for more. This time I asked for a little explanation of the characters, taking notes for you guys because I can’t remember anything on my own!

Act II: My favorite (I think it’s called this because of the songs she sings at the end.)
Characters:Little Bear-the boy, formerly Abby
J-the dad
Penguin-girl (Little Lamb) in costume 

This time, as she disappeared behind the curtain she said “Good bye! Good luck! Love the show! Woo Hoo!!”

The act began with Little Bear introducing his dad, J. Then J came out to introduce Little Lamb in the penguin costume. The introductions were very formal and ummm I don’t remember much except there was a lot of rambling about houses and roofs and “Antarcita”. Every now and then she would break out into song. Just like in old musicals.

Here’s a sample video. I kept it short for you, you can thank me now!

Then the penguin began to perform her favorite (cue the tie in for the title of this act) songs alone. She, of course, sang two songs from High School Musical. What a surprise!!

Side note: We just finished reading the book and she can tell you every word that is written differently than the movie.

As you can see, she hasn’t quite learned the art of facing the audience. We saw more of the tops of their heads than anything else. But still, this was such a cute act of love from my little girl. Very typical of her sweet, sensitive personality. It is sometimes hard to understand how she can be such an avid performer at home and so shy in public. There is so much to her that others do not get to experience. I struggle with this sometimes as her mom-knowing when to push her break out of her shell a little and when to let her stand back and watch. I usually let her stand back. Mostly because I know how much her father dislikes it when people push him. But sometimes I just want her to share her personality more. She will when she’s ready. At least that’s what I tell myself. And hey, I don’t have to convince her not to talk to strangers!


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    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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