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More free fun!

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Our library has a summer reading program that they allow non-readers to participate in. Basically you keep a log of the books you’ve read (or listened to) and you get a prize when you go in if you’ve added books to your log. Last year the prizes were a little cheap-not that Belle minded-so they usually wound up in the trash within a couple of days. This week the kids got fun streamers attached to a little stick. They’ve come apart a couple of times but I’ve managed to fix them fairly easily. They’ve had a blast nevertheless!



The best kind of fun—FREE!

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It seems there aren’t many things out there to do that don’t require money these days. We really wanted to head to the beach, but hotel costs are outrageous! J had to go in to work on Sunday afternoon to do some paperwork or we might have tried leaving early Sunday morning and coming back late that night. After doing some research, we decided to take a drive out to a waterfall. I had been there once before with my parents, but we only saw the lower falls. It’s quite a hike up to the upper sections. I went armed with my sling for Little Lamb and we had a very nice time! Though I’m still sore from all the climbing.

First we had a picnic near an old bridge. This shot makes the bridge look really steep, but it’s just J’s cool camera tricks.


The first part of the trail is paved, allowing most anyone access to the beautiful view. We didn’t make it quite all the way to the top due to the rough terrain, but what we did see was breathtaking! J carried Little Bear, I had Little Lamb in the sling, and Belle trucked right along. I was very proud of her climbing skills, and she hardly complained of being tired! Here are some more pictures of the views, the falls, and us. Enjoy!





Cheap finds

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Ever shopped the dollar aisles at Target? I personally LOVE them. I found a great laminated map of the US and some other laminated place mats that came with markers to practice writing letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. I see LOTS of educational resources that I’d love to buy but don’t have the $ for, so it was a nice treat to find these. I even found a board book with each state as a lift-a-flap with the state capital, bird, and flower listed under the flap.

Just wanted to share my fun find of the week! Little Bear wants to say hi before he heads to bed:

bknjnnjjjsdasid ha sihi hihihihisahdhaisdhihiahsihshi;shiphiefhihfiiahs

Have a great Friday evening!

Because sometimes I’m just not feeling the writing part…

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I give you a post of pictures!!

We’ll start with an adorable picture of Little Bear helping me fix the chocolate granita we had for dessert on our anniversary.


I never thought I’d see the day when she fell asleep in her high chair…


I guess we pushed a little too hard while my parents were in town!

Here’s one of the kiddos on our little trip. Belle is, of course, looking at Grandma instead of me!


Here’s a couple shots from our peach picking adventure.



And lastly, some pretty wild flowers I captured on an overlook (my mom has to stop at EVERY one to take pictures).


So much fun

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We’ve had so much fun around here lately, I just haven’t taken the time to write. The visit with my parents was great. As usual we packed too much into too little time. We took a day trip to an area with amazing outlets (yea shopping!!) and the hotel had a pool. So that was fruitful in many ways. My Belle was swimming around like a little pro! She even jumped into the water and swam across to my mom. If you told me just a month ago that my little girl would be swimming like this, I would have laughed!

J was home this weekend so we went to a city pool together. Belle showed off her fantastic skills despite the freezing cold water temp. After swimming we stopped by a peach orchard and picked a few peaches. We also grabbed a beautiful green tomato.

For dinner we had the most delicious BLT sandwiches ever! First J cooked the bacon out on the grill-right on the grates! It is sooo good this way. He spread some olive oil on the bread and grilled it as well. Then he spread some goat cheese on the bread and topped it with the bacon lettuce and the aforementioned tomato. It was absolutely fantastic!! (Keep in mind this is coming from someone who usually orders my BLT’s without the L or the T!) Fresh, organic produce really does make a difference. We can’t afford it as often as we’d like, but we try to sneak it in when we can.

It’s back to the real world today of scrubbing toilets and chasing clutter. Sounds like fun, huh?

The going’s on

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My parents arrived for a visit last night. They were in TN last week at a conference and then came out to see us. The kids are soaking up as much Grandma and Grandad time as possible. Little Bear is completely attached to my Dad at every waking moment. I think it’s mostly because he does whatever Little Bear wants. Read books over and over. Rock in the rocking chair. Play outside. etc.

We had a nice day together with only one crazy incident at lunch. We tried a brand new restaurant that we’re predicting won’t last long. The service was SUPER slow, my food came out way later than everyone else’s, and then my waffles were crumbly bits! Yes, waffles. I mean how hard is it to cook a waffle??? I don’t want to rehash all the details, but suffice it to say customer service is not their strong point. The funny thing is, they have this sign on the door saying they have great southern hospitality. It was very mind boggling! It has given us a funny story to remember forever.

I may be a little slower at posting these next few days as we’ll be out having fun. Hope you have a wonderful week too!!

Is it the Twilight Zone??

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If you’ve looked at any previous entries you might have thought you’d entered an alternate universe where my blog looks the same and sounds the same, except all the names have changed. I’ve been thinking for a little while that I didn’t want to have our “real” names on here. After all, my kids don’t even get a say in what’s written here. I’m generally a super safety minded person and it wasn’t sitting right with me.

So, no. This isn’t the Twilight Zone. My husband is J, my 5 yr old is Belle, my 2 yr old is Little Bear, and the baby is Little Lamb. These names are based on nicknames I’ve had for the kids since they were born. I’ve changed things in the archives as well. Any time before June and it’s likely that the spacing is hosed. Something about this new version of Safari. It’s good for some things and a pain for others!

Just who gave them permission…

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to grow up so fast??

This week my baby has started waving. She even does it when she hears someone say bye-bye but doesn’t wave at her! I can’t believe how much she is taking in of the world around her.

My son picked up a diaper of Little Lamb’s that I had folded up to put in the trash and said “Triangle!” I couldn’t believe how he randomly knew that. We’ve talked about shapes in books and things, but to just say it spontaneously was great!

I also heard him counting 2, 3, 4 yesterday. I was so proud, I kissed him all over.

We’ve practiced writing “B”‘s together lately and now he’s even writing them on his own.

Then today, while watching “Cory in the House” (NOT one of my favorites…) he learned the word “Awesome!”. He says it over, and over, and over, and…it is quite adorable! He’ll say, “Mommy watch!” “Awwwwesommmme!” And he purses his lips just so.

But, seriously, how do they grow up so fast. I cannot be possible that my dear sweet “baby” will turn six in two short months.

How did I get so old????

Mommy! I didn’t even miss you!

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These were the words of my dear daughter when I picked her up on Monday. Here we are on day 4 (of 5) and we’ve had lots of special time together. We’ve played on the slip’n’slide, gone on walks, pet the new puppy next door, had a friend over to play, and today we’ve planned a trip to the library. It’s been a nice week all and all!

Tonight my husband and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage. (Our Anniversary was actually yesterday but he had to work late.) We’re planning to keep it very simple and head to the clubhouse in our neighborhood (with the kids) for dinner. The food is just ok, but the views are spectacular. I’m going to try to make some sort of granita for dinner per my husband’s request. I hope it turns out!

Fill my cup

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One of my (many) faults is looking to other people, namely my husband, to “fill my cup” when I should be looking to Christ to do that. This morning while Little Lamb is sleeping and Belle is at camp, Little Bear and I are dancing to music from one of my most favorite bands, Considering Lily. I don’t think they are still together as a band. I’m not certain how we even got the cd. I’m pretty sure it was one my husband purchased back when he was a Christian.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that here…He became a Christian during college before we met and stayed faithful through our dating and even when we married. A year or two into our marriage he finally admitted why he was so cranky on Sundays-he had played it off like he didn’t like the social interaction for a long time since he’s the super introvert. It was quite a blow for me and I still struggle with it sometimes. Feeling as though I’ve been caught in some enormous trick. I mean, I didn’t set out to marry someone with such core differences in beliefs. But at the end of the day, no matter what his beliefs, I love him dearly. I pray for him every minute of every day, even though he’s told me not to. I know that God is bigger than I am. I know that I cannot change him, but He can!

So why am I telling you all this? I don’t really know. I guess just to say keep praying for all of those non-believers in your life. And when you think maybe you can’t do it, look to God to fill your cup.

My soul’s as dry as a valley of bones
As I walk this desert called Earth
There’s dust in the tracks of the tears I cr
yI’m as helpless as a babe at birth.

I stumble to the last mirage I saw
And I fall to the sand
Close my eyes,breathe a desperate praye
rWhen I open them, there you stand

Here’s my cup.
Fill it up
Fill it up
fill it up then I,
I will taste, I will drink, I will savor life
Oh let it overflow my cup, my cup

Your water’s pure as Eden’s river
Sweet as an angel’s kiss
And I don’t dread the journey now
Or fear the serpent’s hiss
So pour your water out on me.
Until my soul is drenched.
Until I’m safe at home with you.
My thirst cannot be quenched.


God, I’m so thirsty
I’m so thirsty God
Lord I’m so thirsty
I’m so thirsty Lord
I’m so thirsty God


Here’s my cup.
Fill it up
Fill it up
Fill it up then I,
I will taste, I will drink,
Pour it out and I will savor life.

I wish I could play the song for you here. It’s the kind you want to turn up loud and sing with all you’ve got!

Here’s my cup, Lord…fill it up!!!