Things to do and other thoughts

Below is my list of “things to do” today. And yes, when I complete things that were not on the list I do write them down and then cross them off just to make myself feel good.

Make bed
Clean kitchen rug
Clean master bathtub/shower
Clean kids bathtub/shower
Vacuum floors under table and in master bedroom
Vacuum area rugs
Plan meal using leftover chicken
Remove slipcover from sofa, wash it, and put it back on (I wasn’t fast enough with Little Lamb’s diaper this morning…oops!)
Clean out downstairs toys
Write post
Practice with Belle on riding bike, weather permitting
Mop downstairs floors
Laundry-fold and put away

Some notes of Flylady-I think I promised to update you on the progress way back when. I bet you forgot didn’t you?? Well here’s that long awaited update!! Ummmm…let’s start with the positive things today. You can really do most anything for 15 minutes and you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. You shouldn’t consider yourself defeated if you can’t maintain your house easily, it just doesn’t come naturally to some people. (Side note: I’m really quite good at organizing things I’m just terrible at keeping them organized…does that mean I’m really a “born organized” person but I’m just super lazy easily distracted)?? Adding a new habit a month is a good place to start-make a list of the habits you hope to establish and then take a new one on each month. “Progress, not perfection” otherwise known as Rome wasn’t built in a day is actually a good thing to come to terms with.

My husband has just walked in the door surprisingly early so I’m going to end it here and continue another time.


One Response to “Things to do and other thoughts”

  1. Hm… I guess that makes me a born organized person also! I love to organize things (set them up or begin the process…) and then the organization turns to mush.

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