Things I just don’t understand…

There are certain things about life that I simply do not understand.

Why does my daughter insist on playing “What if?” with scenarios that are completely unlikely to happen? I mean, I’m all for the “What if’s” with upcoming, real situations. She’s a planner and I know it’s important for her to establish “the plan”. But when it’s something that might only happen when pigs fly, I just don’t get it.

Just today we were discussing my sister’s new puppy dog. She started plotting (and getting quite nervous in the process) what she would do if she was over at her house and the dog tried to get Bunny. [Bunny is a stuffed animal, named Sleeping Beauty, that Belle takes with her everywhere.] At first I went along and suggested that she leave Bunny in the car. She had dozens of reasons why that would be terrible. I tried to reason with her with a patient spirit. Really. I did. But when she got to “But what if I’m spending the night??!!!??” My patience broke. Please understand that my sister lives many, many miles away and we have no trip planned back to TX. That’s not to say we won’t ever be there again, but it’s not going to be any time soon!

I also don’t get how it is possible for my son to sit on a toilet 53 times and NEVER ONCE pee (or poop for that matter). I mean seriously. I sing songs. I run water. I go pee myself. I give him stickers on his chart for sitting down on the potty. I give him candy for every 5 stickers. I really need to cut back on our diaper spending. It’s killing our budget. But I can’t MAKE him pee. I really don’t want to have him running around naked peeing all over our house just as Little Lamb is learning to crawl. I mean how disgusting is that??!!??

These crazy kids of mine are mysteries to me, I tell you! But they melt my heart everyday, and I thank God everyday that they are mine.


One Response to “Things I just don’t understand…”

  1. Just an idea for Blaine. It is a funny that a friend with a boy did and it worked. She told him that if he could hold his pee-pee and not have an accident, that he could pee on the tree outside. She let him wear underwear and he kept it dry, just to pee on the tree! tee hee!

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