More cuteness!

Tonight my daughter said these sweet words to me:
B: “Mommy, guess who is my favoritist of all time our family?”
Me: “Who?”
B: “You! I think I love you all the way to Heaven!”
(If you haven’t read “Guess How Much I Love You”, well you must! It is THE sweetest little book.)


You guys, I was SO proud of my little girl tonight at the party. She’s been talking about swimming a lot lately and even tried some bold face dunking in the bathtub…but she totally swam for real today!!! She’s always talked about swimming is the (very) distant future until just the last few days. But today, she was my brave little girl who put her face down in the water (without holding her nose!!!), picked up her feet and kicked away!! She was in a little wading pool area so it was very shallow, but deep enough that she was really swimming. I wish my husband could have been there. He would have scooped her up into his arms and given her the biggest hug ever!!!!


Why do my neighbors feel the need to set off fireworks at 10pm! tonight! Don’t they realize it’s July 7th?????


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