My sweet girl…

Belle awoke this morning crying that she didn’t want to go to Kindergarten Camp next week.  We go through this sort of thing with any new experience.  My husband was upstairs, about to head out to the hospital, and soothed her for a bit.  I put Little Lamb down for a nap and then carried Belle downstairs.  We snuggled on the sofa for a while, watching Bug’s Life with Little Bear.  I told her that Mommy and Daddy would not ask her to do anything that is too hard for her.   After a bit she looked up at me with her sweet blue eyes and said “Your the best Mommy I’ve ever had!” I laughed knowing that I was the ONLY Mommy she’s ever had, but instead chose to reply “Your the best Belle I’ve ever had!”

I’m planning to have some fun activity to do each day after lunch-something to look forward to and ease the stress a bit.  I’m considering offering some reward for the end of the week for “trying her best”.  Any ideas out there???

We’re heading to a party hosted by my husbands department, without my husband. It’s at one of his Attending’s house who had a pool. The kids are so excited. I want to go-it’s my only chance to meet the new crop of residents and their spouses-but I REALLY wish my husband was going too.


One Response to “My sweet girl…”

  1. Where did you find a Kindergarten camp? There are none here for under 6 yrs old.

    Buy some Sticker paper in the printer section of Target. You can open a new appleworks document, paste pictures of the kids and other clipart and then print it on the sticker paper. Then you can cut out the stickers and give them to her for rewards. She can help you choose which things to make stickers.

    The paper costs around $6 for a packet of 15 sheets, which could fit several (50 or so) small stickers or 3 or 4 large stickers. Much cheaper than buying pre-made stickers.

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