Weirdness and Kindergarten Camp, Part II

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night…I was snuggling a little extra with Belle then I HAD to watch the Next Food Network Star. You know how it goes! 🙂

So here is said bizarre transformation.


It seems to be some kind of yellow slime mold called Dog Vomit Fungus.

You can click that there link if you want to know more info about it. It’s not actually a fungus at all, but that’s what they call. Don’t ask me, I don’t know…


Belle headed off to Kindergarten Camp this morning. Basically it is a mini school session from 9-11:30 each day this week. She’ll get to meet all the K teachers at her school, do activities, play on the playground, eat a snack, etc. They say it really helps ease the transition of the first few days of school in the fall. I’m hoping it will help Belle picture the school, the teachers, the types of activities. Apparently they’ve been doing this type of camp at her school for 14 years. The kids aren’t required to attend, but Belle doesn’t know that!

We had some tears and she didn’t want to get out of bed. Her emotions were up and down all morning, but nothing ridiculous. I got a picture of my husband and I (and the cat) that she could put in her pocket. I also let her wear one of my necklaces. I’m hoping these things have helped give her a little comfort. We’ll be hitting the slip’n’slide this afternoon as our first reward, so long as she doesn’t freak out on me this afternoon.

I’ll never forget her first day of Parent’s Day Out. She was nearly 3 years old and was accustomed to going to a nursery twice a week (Sundays at the same church as her school and Wednesday at a different church). She had given up her nap for over a year so I didn’t expect her to sleep much during rest time. I guess she fell asleep at the very end and they had to wake her when I came to pick her up. I hugged her and snuggled her, took her home, and she proceeded to cry for 2.5 hours! I suppose it was some sort of payback. I tried hugging her. I tried distracting her with favorite movies. I tried ignoring her. Nothing worked. J got home while she was still upset and said “Was it worth it??” It was 5pm before she snapped out of it. Thankfully the next week was better (she only went one day a week) and by February (we started in Sept!) she was playing on the equipment in Fellowship Hall.

Each year the transitions have gotten a little easier for her, which is good. I don’t know if I could keep it up if they were all like that first year!


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