Just who gave them permission…

to grow up so fast??

This week my baby has started waving. She even does it when she hears someone say bye-bye but doesn’t wave at her! I can’t believe how much she is taking in of the world around her.

My son picked up a diaper of Little Lamb’s that I had folded up to put in the trash and said “Triangle!” I couldn’t believe how he randomly knew that. We’ve talked about shapes in books and things, but to just say it spontaneously was great!

I also heard him counting 2, 3, 4 yesterday. I was so proud, I kissed him all over.

We’ve practiced writing “B”‘s together lately and now he’s even writing them on his own.

Then today, while watching “Cory in the House” (NOT one of my favorites…) he learned the word “Awesome!”. He says it over, and over, and over, and…it is quite adorable! He’ll say, “Mommy watch!” “Awwwwesommmme!” And he purses his lips just so.

But, seriously, how do they grow up so fast. I cannot be possible that my dear sweet “baby” will turn six in two short months.

How did I get so old????


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