The going’s on

My parents arrived for a visit last night. They were in TN last week at a conference and then came out to see us. The kids are soaking up as much Grandma and Grandad time as possible. Little Bear is completely attached to my Dad at every waking moment. I think it’s mostly because he does whatever Little Bear wants. Read books over and over. Rock in the rocking chair. Play outside. etc.

We had a nice day together with only one crazy incident at lunch. We tried a brand new restaurant that we’re predicting won’t last long. The service was SUPER slow, my food came out way later than everyone else’s, and then my waffles were crumbly bits! Yes, waffles. I mean how hard is it to cook a waffle??? I don’t want to rehash all the details, but suffice it to say customer service is not their strong point. The funny thing is, they have this sign on the door saying they have great southern hospitality. It was very mind boggling! It has given us a funny story to remember forever.

I may be a little slower at posting these next few days as we’ll be out having fun. Hope you have a wonderful week too!!


One Response to “The going’s on”

  1. Tell your parents hi for me!! We miss them. Have a a great visit.

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