Cheap finds

Ever shopped the dollar aisles at Target? I personally LOVE them. I found a great laminated map of the US and some other laminated place mats that came with markers to practice writing letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. I see LOTS of educational resources that I’d love to buy but don’t have the $ for, so it was a nice treat to find these. I even found a board book with each state as a lift-a-flap with the state capital, bird, and flower listed under the flap.

Just wanted to share my fun find of the week! Little Bear wants to say hi before he heads to bed:

bknjnnjjjsdasid ha sihi hihihihisahdhaisdhihiahsihshi;shiphiefhihfiiahs

Have a great Friday evening!


One Response to “Cheap finds”

  1. Oh yes… I love the dollar section! I even stocked up when they had Hello Kitty and have a drawer full of note pads for the girls. I also love the dollar section of Michaels Craft store.

    ps- Hi Little Bear! Miss you and your sisters!

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