The best kind of fun—FREE!

It seems there aren’t many things out there to do that don’t require money these days. We really wanted to head to the beach, but hotel costs are outrageous! J had to go in to work on Sunday afternoon to do some paperwork or we might have tried leaving early Sunday morning and coming back late that night. After doing some research, we decided to take a drive out to a waterfall. I had been there once before with my parents, but we only saw the lower falls. It’s quite a hike up to the upper sections. I went armed with my sling for Little Lamb and we had a very nice time! Though I’m still sore from all the climbing.

First we had a picnic near an old bridge. This shot makes the bridge look really steep, but it’s just J’s cool camera tricks.


The first part of the trail is paved, allowing most anyone access to the beautiful view. We didn’t make it quite all the way to the top due to the rough terrain, but what we did see was breathtaking! J carried Little Bear, I had Little Lamb in the sling, and Belle trucked right along. I was very proud of her climbing skills, and she hardly complained of being tired! Here are some more pictures of the views, the falls, and us. Enjoy!






3 Responses to “The best kind of fun—FREE!”

  1. Precious pictures! Sounds like a wonderful family filled fun day. I can’t wait for those again…

  2. Crisanne, Love the pix! Hope to see y’all this weekend. Give those wonderful munchkins a hug from me. I’ll call later tonight. Terri

  3. What gorgeous pictures! It’s sounds like a wonderful day. Family adventures are so much fun, and it looks like everyone had a blast!

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