More free fun!

Our library has a summer reading program that they allow non-readers to participate in. Basically you keep a log of the books you’ve read (or listened to) and you get a prize when you go in if you’ve added books to your log. Last year the prizes were a little cheap-not that Belle minded-so they usually wound up in the trash within a couple of days. This week the kids got fun streamers attached to a little stick. They’ve come apart a couple of times but I’ve managed to fix them fairly easily. They’ve had a blast nevertheless!



2 Responses to “More free fun!”

  1. I loved those when we were kids! How fun!

  2. I need to check out our library sometime. I too love free fun. We just got a Target last week and I’m sooooo excited about the dollar spot. When we lived in Lubbock we would go to Target for fun. You can get a popcorn and drink for $1.08 and just hang out in the toy section for an hour. You should try it sometime, it’s pretty fun.

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