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Weirdness and Kindergarten Camp, Part II

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Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night…I was snuggling a little extra with Belle then I HAD to watch the Next Food Network Star. You know how it goes! 🙂

So here is said bizarre transformation.


It seems to be some kind of yellow slime mold called Dog Vomit Fungus.

You can click that there link if you want to know more info about it. It’s not actually a fungus at all, but that’s what they call. Don’t ask me, I don’t know…


Belle headed off to Kindergarten Camp this morning. Basically it is a mini school session from 9-11:30 each day this week. She’ll get to meet all the K teachers at her school, do activities, play on the playground, eat a snack, etc. They say it really helps ease the transition of the first few days of school in the fall. I’m hoping it will help Belle picture the school, the teachers, the types of activities. Apparently they’ve been doing this type of camp at her school for 14 years. The kids aren’t required to attend, but Belle doesn’t know that!

We had some tears and she didn’t want to get out of bed. Her emotions were up and down all morning, but nothing ridiculous. I got a picture of my husband and I (and the cat) that she could put in her pocket. I also let her wear one of my necklaces. I’m hoping these things have helped give her a little comfort. We’ll be hitting the slip’n’slide this afternoon as our first reward, so long as she doesn’t freak out on me this afternoon.

I’ll never forget her first day of Parent’s Day Out. She was nearly 3 years old and was accustomed to going to a nursery twice a week (Sundays at the same church as her school and Wednesday at a different church). She had given up her nap for over a year so I didn’t expect her to sleep much during rest time. I guess she fell asleep at the very end and they had to wake her when I came to pick her up. I hugged her and snuggled her, took her home, and she proceeded to cry for 2.5 hours! I suppose it was some sort of payback. I tried hugging her. I tried distracting her with favorite movies. I tried ignoring her. Nothing worked. J got home while she was still upset and said “Was it worth it??” It was 5pm before she snapped out of it. Thankfully the next week was better (she only went one day a week) and by February (we started in Sept!) she was playing on the equipment in Fellowship Hall.

Each year the transitions have gotten a little easier for her, which is good. I don’t know if I could keep it up if they were all like that first year!


More cuteness!

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Tonight my daughter said these sweet words to me:
B: “Mommy, guess who is my favoritist of all time our family?”
Me: “Who?”
B: “You! I think I love you all the way to Heaven!”
(If you haven’t read “Guess How Much I Love You”, well you must! It is THE sweetest little book.)


You guys, I was SO proud of my little girl tonight at the party. She’s been talking about swimming a lot lately and even tried some bold face dunking in the bathtub…but she totally swam for real today!!! She’s always talked about swimming is the (very) distant future until just the last few days. But today, she was my brave little girl who put her face down in the water (without holding her nose!!!), picked up her feet and kicked away!! She was in a little wading pool area so it was very shallow, but deep enough that she was really swimming. I wish my husband could have been there. He would have scooped her up into his arms and given her the biggest hug ever!!!!


Why do my neighbors feel the need to set off fireworks at 10pm! tonight! Don’t they realize it’s July 7th?????

Weird happenings

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Ever seen stuff like this in your mulch???


It seems to appear our of nowhere, but that’s not even then weirdest part.

Tune in tomorrow to see the truly bizarre transformation!!!

My sweet girl…

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Belle awoke this morning crying that she didn’t want to go to Kindergarten Camp next week.  We go through this sort of thing with any new experience.  My husband was upstairs, about to head out to the hospital, and soothed her for a bit.  I put Little Lamb down for a nap and then carried Belle downstairs.  We snuggled on the sofa for a while, watching Bug’s Life with Little Bear.  I told her that Mommy and Daddy would not ask her to do anything that is too hard for her.   After a bit she looked up at me with her sweet blue eyes and said “Your the best Mommy I’ve ever had!” I laughed knowing that I was the ONLY Mommy she’s ever had, but instead chose to reply “Your the best Belle I’ve ever had!”

I’m planning to have some fun activity to do each day after lunch-something to look forward to and ease the stress a bit.  I’m considering offering some reward for the end of the week for “trying her best”.  Any ideas out there???

We’re heading to a party hosted by my husbands department, without my husband. It’s at one of his Attending’s house who had a pool. The kids are so excited. I want to go-it’s my only chance to meet the new crop of residents and their spouses-but I REALLY wish my husband was going too.

Check it out!

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Hey, check out my sidebar.  I finally (thanks to my husband downloading a new version of Safari) figured out how to change it up.  Anyway, there’s a few people out there that don’t generally read blogs, but check mine every now and then.  I’m not sure they know how to leave a comment, so I thought I’d put it there in my sidebar.  Hope this helps!

Things I just don’t understand…

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There are certain things about life that I simply do not understand.

Why does my daughter insist on playing “What if?” with scenarios that are completely unlikely to happen? I mean, I’m all for the “What if’s” with upcoming, real situations. She’s a planner and I know it’s important for her to establish “the plan”. But when it’s something that might only happen when pigs fly, I just don’t get it.

Just today we were discussing my sister’s new puppy dog. She started plotting (and getting quite nervous in the process) what she would do if she was over at her house and the dog tried to get Bunny. [Bunny is a stuffed animal, named Sleeping Beauty, that Belle takes with her everywhere.] At first I went along and suggested that she leave Bunny in the car. She had dozens of reasons why that would be terrible. I tried to reason with her with a patient spirit. Really. I did. But when she got to “But what if I’m spending the night??!!!??” My patience broke. Please understand that my sister lives many, many miles away and we have no trip planned back to TX. That’s not to say we won’t ever be there again, but it’s not going to be any time soon!

I also don’t get how it is possible for my son to sit on a toilet 53 times and NEVER ONCE pee (or poop for that matter). I mean seriously. I sing songs. I run water. I go pee myself. I give him stickers on his chart for sitting down on the potty. I give him candy for every 5 stickers. I really need to cut back on our diaper spending. It’s killing our budget. But I can’t MAKE him pee. I really don’t want to have him running around naked peeing all over our house just as Little Lamb is learning to crawl. I mean how disgusting is that??!!??

These crazy kids of mine are mysteries to me, I tell you! But they melt my heart everyday, and I thank God everyday that they are mine.

Things to do and other thoughts

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Below is my list of “things to do” today. And yes, when I complete things that were not on the list I do write them down and then cross them off just to make myself feel good.

Make bed
Clean kitchen rug
Clean master bathtub/shower
Clean kids bathtub/shower
Vacuum floors under table and in master bedroom
Vacuum area rugs
Plan meal using leftover chicken
Remove slipcover from sofa, wash it, and put it back on (I wasn’t fast enough with Little Lamb’s diaper this morning…oops!)
Clean out downstairs toys
Write post
Practice with Belle on riding bike, weather permitting
Mop downstairs floors
Laundry-fold and put away

Some notes of Flylady-I think I promised to update you on the progress way back when. I bet you forgot didn’t you?? Well here’s that long awaited update!! Ummmm…let’s start with the positive things today. You can really do most anything for 15 minutes and you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. You shouldn’t consider yourself defeated if you can’t maintain your house easily, it just doesn’t come naturally to some people. (Side note: I’m really quite good at organizing things I’m just terrible at keeping them organized…does that mean I’m really a “born organized” person but I’m just super lazy easily distracted)?? Adding a new habit a month is a good place to start-make a list of the habits you hope to establish and then take a new one on each month. “Progress, not perfection” otherwise known as Rome wasn’t built in a day is actually a good thing to come to terms with.

My husband has just walked in the door surprisingly early so I’m going to end it here and continue another time.

A good day…

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It’s been a nice day here in our abode.

Belle and I went to church together this morning.

Little Lamb had just woken up from her nap when we got home which meant that Little Bear and Daddy had a nice morning together.

J cooked some fantastic pork ribs on his smoker this afternoon.

I napped for 1.5 hours!! while Little Lamb and Little Bear napped.

I started to post this message just after I woke up, but I heard my husband say that dinner was ready. I decided the post could wait.

By 6:15 pm we had eaten dinner and cleaned up the kitchen mess. All that was left to do was feed Little Lamb.

We had a nice long walk around our neighborhood this evening, with only one screaming, crying moment (the kids, not us!).

All in all, a nice day.