The fear of the hair…

A true conversation with my 5 year old:

Belle: (rubbing her arm with her hand) Is is ok that I have hair growing on my skin?

Me: Yes

Belle: Will is stay there forever?

Me: Yes, we all have it.

Belle: (looking a little worried) But it won’t keep growing too long will it?

Me: No, honey. It won’t.

Gotta love 5 year old worries.

Note: I’m working on my sidebar over there, but I can’t seem to make the spacing show up properly. Anybody know how to make it happen? It’s there when I type it, but disappears when it shows up on the blog. I’m aiming for something like Dawn has down there in the “Our Boys” section.


2 Responses to “The fear of the hair…”

  1. Sometimes I have problems with spacing on Safari… try using Firefox instead. 🙂 Miss you, Meg says Hi!

  2. It’s a lifelong struggle, isn’t it? Too funny. Terri (remember her?) and I recently had a Nads themed playdate – just our eyebrows mind you…

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