Call me slow, but not completely stupid

So every night after I get the chitlins to bed, I sit down at the computer and catch up on the day’s happenings. I’ve usually cleaned up the kitchen by then and often bathed a kid or two. Lately (read the last few weeks) I’ve noticed this weird smell as I rest my head in my left hand. And each night I think…what is that smell? My hands are clean…what could it be?? Well tonight it struck me! I got a new Timex Ironman watch for Christmas that has an elastic band. I like how it fits snug around my wrist, doesn’t move around much, and doesn’t have those annoying little straps that always break rendering the band completely useless. Well it seems to harbor strange smells-kind of a mildewy smell. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it?


One Response to “Call me slow, but not completely stupid”

  1. scrub it with some baking soda… that works for every other smell problem in the world. LOL!

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