All set to go!

Her lunch and snack are all packed. Her clothes are ironed (yes I actually ironed her shorts…don’t fall out of your chair!). Hair accessories are picked out. Camera is charged and ready to go. Backpack is all set out. The picture of J and I (and Hannah, the cat) is ready to go in her pocket. I do wish we hadn’t have run out of eggo’s, her favorite breakfast! Maybe cinnamon toast will make it all better.

I’ll post the pictures of her tomorrow all dressed and ready for her first big day of Kindergarten. Because of the stagger-start, she goes to school tomorrow but not again until Monday. Then it’s regular schedule.

Some good news-I’ve found 2 boys to care for during the day while Belle is at school. One I will watch on Monday mornings (JS-2.5 yrs old) and the other (JT-4.5 yrs old) I will watch M-Th afternoons. I’m actually watching JT all day right now until preschool starts at the first of Sept. It makes for a lot of work, but I’m extremely thankful for the money. Things have been pretty bleak around here all summer. Unfortunately, JT’s mother isn’t able to pay me very much at all-it’s borderline insulting, actually. But I have to believe that she is in a difficult place as well, having decided to go back to work after being at home with her older 2 kids.

At first it was so nice just to have a real paycheck when we started residency. But now that we’re a year in, that niceness has worn off and I find myself wishing for some of the benefits of having no actual income. You see when you do medical school like we did-J in school and me staying home with the kids-you have to live exclusively on student loans. Now if you want a humbling experience, go sign yourself and kids up for Medicaid as well as WIC-that’s food vouchers for things like milk, eggs, cheese, etc. It will make you very thankful for all that you have.

Wistful longing is a funny thing. I try not to fall into too much because it’s generally more harmful than helpful. But I do find it interesting what we wish for. The last two weeks I’ve found myself wishing for that free cheese, milk, eggs, and peanut butter more than ever before. Whereas my husband wishes for the relentless studying of the first two years of medical school. Seriously, can you imagine anything more painful than that?? Hour upon hour of reading, rereading, writing notes, reading more, highlighting, rereading again. UGH!! And yet, he loved it. He loved the freedom of setting his own hours, going to a coffee shop, plugging in his ipod, and studying the day away. He was what they called a “homeschooler”, which means he only went to class when it was required. Ultimately he didn’t learn anything sitting in class, hearing the lecture. He had to bury himself in the books and notes to get the material. And he enjoyed it! Crazy!!

Anyway, I’m completely rambling now. I’ve spent too much time working around the house, plotting various posts, and too little time writing. And now I’ve spewed all this out all jumbled-like. Sorry about that. It’s just my ADD tendencies coming out. 🙂

What’s even worse is I never took a moment to say how extremely happy we are that J’s brother has returned from Afghanistan safe and sound!! We are hoping to see him and his family this weekend. We’re looking forward to the kids running around having a great time with cousins and us having real adult conversations!!


2 Responses to “All set to go!”

  1. Can’t wait to hear how your first day goes. I’ll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!!

  2. And that is why doctors get to make alot of money when they are all said and done. They (and their families) earn it.

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