Can it be?

That my sweet little Belle is officially a Kindergartner?!? She was off without a hitch, even saying she was a “little bit” excited about the start of school. I saw her nervous little smile-the good one, not the about to cry one-coming across her face as we walked to the building. We were greeted by the school counselor and then headed to her classroom. There was only one other boy in the room at the time-the buses had not arrived yet-so we kissed and hugged and I turned her over to her dear teacher Ms. L. Here’s a couple of photos of her from this morning with a most prized toy from Mimi and Grandad to celebrate the big day (said to be the BEST TOY EVER!!).




5 Responses to “Can it be?”

  1. She’s so cute! Congratulations.

  2. What a big girl! You must be so proud of her–it’s so crazy to look at the picture of her in your last post and see how much she’s grown! Please give her a big hug from her Aunt!

  3. We are so proud of her too! Pig Will will be joining the ranks in one more week. Time flies. See you soon

  4. I can’t believe she’s already off to school. These kids are growing up too fast these days. I didn’t comment on your last post, but I know what you mean. Intern year has been pretty rough, but we’ve got 3 months out of the way so we’re taking it one month at a time. It’s good to see that it is possible to have a family of 3 on a residency paycheck because we’d like to have one more kid while we’re here. Hey, I say Mary Beth left a comment on your last blog. Does she have a blog?

  5. You have a kindergartener too! We’ll have to swap stories!

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