What are your tips??

A few people have been contemplating ways to save money on groceries so I thought I’d pass the idea along here. You all know we’re pinching our pennies here and I believe we’ve all got some tips so share. I always try to keep frozen corn, peas, and carrots on hand. I can throw together a great pasta or chicken noodle soup at a moments notice. I also try to keep homemade chicken stock in the freezer as well as spaghetti sauce, pesto, and/or green chili cheese sauce. Keeping a well stocked freezer really helps spread the meals out when I need to make it a few more days before going to the store.

In Texas, I bought toilet paper and other such stuff at Sam’s and saved quite a bit that way. We haven’t joined here in VA. Mostly because I often found other things I “needed” and spent the savings on other junk.

I try to shop the sales at the grocery store, but I get annoyed with the 4 for (sale price) but 1 for regular price deal. Sometimes I go ahead and get the extra ones for the deal, but other times I just forget it altogether. One of our grocery stores often has great deals on meat so I stock up then. But it’s not organic stuff, so I know that tip doesn’t work for everyone.

I try to use coupons as much as possible. I have the greatest Dad in the world who goes through his coupons, keeps a few for himself, then sends the rest to me. All cut up and everything! The trick is to only use the ones you need and not buy something just because you have a coupon for it.

One thing that I cannot do is shop at Wal-Fart*, even if it would save us money. Back in TX, I went through a period of driving across town to Wal-Fart to shop. I hated the dirty carts and filthy floors, but was willing to withstand it to save money. The thing is, my husband absolutely despises the store-for many reasons that I shall not name at this point, but that are not completely unreasonable. Maybe I’ll share that tale another day. Anyway, we would get in a fight EVERY time I went. Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t worth the stress on our marriage to save the money. Plus, I got pregnant with Little Bear and spent as little time off the sofa as humanly possible.

So I’d like to know what you do to save money. What kinds of snacks do you eat or serve your children that don’t break the bank? How do you get fresh fruits/veggies without spending beaucoup bucks? Ever tried making your own laundry detergent? (You’ll have to scroll down to the “Works For Me” post) I’m going to give it a try if I can get the nerve up to ask the bakery ladies if they have any 5 gallon buckets to spare. I’ll let you know about that when it happens. 🙂


2 Responses to “What are your tips??”

  1. Hey Crisanne, Kathy sent me a link last night to a budget estimator calculator. It was helpful in determining whether we were so out of range in our spending.
    Anyway – I think frozen food is a great idea. In many cases it’s actually quite a bit better than fresh. I’m going to start buying more frozen fruits and feeding the kids smoothies instead of fresh fruit.
    And I’m in total agreement about Wal-Mart. I hate that place. Going in there will ruin my day.

  2. We went in with 3 other families and purchased an organic cow straight off the farm. Once we paid the butcher and farmer, it was only $2.67/lb.- we got everything from steak to ground beef to prime rib and I don’t have to worry about giving my kids unnecessary hormones. We’re hoping to buy pork and poultry from him this fall as well. Plus, it’s so convenient to have a freezer full of food.

    Goodness, I dislike the W place as well. I do find I almost have to go there ocassionally for a school supply or whatnot, but I will usually drive an extra half hour to Target.

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