33 months or 2 years and 9 months if you’d rather

Little Bear is getting so big lately. Ok, he isn’t really getting very big literally. Although, his 18-24 month pants are finally getting a little short and some are even little bit tight in the waist. We had a follow-up appointment with his ENT doc last week. (More details on that in a bit). He’s up to a whopping 26 pounds. Won’t be changing him over to a booster seat any time soon. That’s alright with me. Belle didn’t hit 30 pounds until she was 4 years old. I do hope he’s a little bigger than that, given that he’s a boy and all, but I’m happy with his sweet little self. It keeps him looking young and I’m just fine with that!!

We went to meet his preschool teachers last week. He’s so funny. He walked right in the classroom, over to the kitchen and started playing with the corn. Then he settled down in a chair and made a little drawing. I asked him to make a “B” and he was like a little robot, making B after B. He also made a drawing of Batman. It seems all his drawings start off as Batman. Sometimes he’ll change it later and call it someone else, but usually only if I’ve told him the drawing is for someone. I’ve attempted to scan the drawing in for you guys because it’s just that cute! Yes, he makes all his “B”‘s backwards. I’m told that’s because little kids view all of life as completely reversible, so they see no difference.


He is making great strides in his talking with only a few sounds that aren’t quite what they should be. I’m not talking about the usual kid stuff, but more like speech issues. When we saw the ENT last week, he said his left ear is completely healed (Praise God!) but his right ear still has some fluid. I believe his words were the ear drum is retracted, if that means anything to you. Basically he still hears things like he’s in a tin can or an airplane, however you like to think of that feeling. The doc said kids with these kinds of ear issues tend to have trouble with S, T, and Sh sounds. Little Bear does fairly well with S, great with T, but his Sh sounds are all weird. So are is Ch sounds. I got the feeling that the doc was tempted to go ahead and repeat the surgery-he is a surgeon after all and that’s what they like to do. But he said-and he’s said this to me each visit-“I like to think of how I’d treat him if he were my son, and I’d like to wait and see how he does in the winter.” So, we go back at the end of November when we’ve surely had a cold or two. The doc also said he was “drawing a line in the sand.” If he’s not completely healed in Nov, we’ll be back in for surgery. Then I suppose we have to wait and see if the speech fixes itself or if he needs some kind of speech therapy. I worried about it for a while. But he’s making so much progress, I’ve pretty well let it go. Plus I’ve realized that most of the kids we’ve been around the last few years have been doctor’s kids. And well, that’s not exactly the most diverse section of the gene pool, you know? The more we’ve been around all kinds of kids from school, I’m realizing that he’s not that far behind.

As I mentioned this morning, he had his first day of Preschool today. He was so precious kissing Little Lamb and I goodbye and walking his tiny little self into class. He sat right down and began working a puzzle as if he’d been there hundreds of times. Little Lamb and I got there a little early to pick him up. We parked and I watched him playing on the playground. He was so cute holding on to the little rope when they walked back in the building. When I asked him about his teacher he’d say “Teacher. Be quiet” and he’d hold his little finger up to his mouth in a shushing motion. I’m guessing she said that a lot today! All afternoon he played school, not letting his lunch box out of his sight. I fear he’s going to cry tomorrow morning when we take Belle to school but he doesn’t get to go to his own class.

Here’s a picture of my little guy all ready to go.


That’s the latest on my boy. Just absolute cuteness.


2 Responses to “33 months or 2 years and 9 months if you’d rather”

  1. No kidding…he is ADORABLE!! As a speech pathologist, why don’t you ask for an evaluation through your school district. If it is “nothing”, great. If not, keep the progress going. It won’t hurt to get an opinion. Take care..


  2. Mary Beth Hoover Says:

    Very cute-I don’t even know him 😦

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