oh the pain!

In an effort to regain my “groove” I’ve started working out again in the mornings. Except I’m having to get up at 5am to do it. That way J is still around if one of the little kids wakes up while I’m working out and I still have time to get everyone ready to take Belle to school by 7:30. When I was working out before I was doing a fairly basic Pilates disc. I’d up the reps by a few here and there, but it wasn’t too tough. Due to various physical issues with my back and legs, I can’t run or do the stair stepper. This time I’ve started a Cardio Pilates disc. Wow. I’m definitely feeling my stomach muscles. I just choked a little on some cereal and nearly died in pain from coughing.

It’s a good pain. Right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ll try to get back later today with some birthday pictures. Little Lamb is so adorable right now, I just want to kiss her all over!


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